Saturday, 2016-01-16

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* k4jh wonders about the chances of finding a mini hdmi to dvi cable in this town tomorrow (Raleigh, NC)02:42
ka6soxk4jh, that is in the Research *should* find something...I did out here 120miles west of Los Angales!02:58
k4jhhere is an alphabetized list of electronic component retailers in town:02:59
k4jhNote: Radio Shack doesn't count.02:59
k4jhwell, I will go to Radio Shack, a local PC parts store called Intrex, and maybe Best Buy will have something. But for a town full of geeks, we're sure devoid of candy stores.02:59
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k4jhthe good news, the board boots from the USB flash drive.03:01
ka6soxyou have a lot of candy stores...but they all are 8-5M-F03:07
ka6soxk4jh, have you been there long enough to remember Tiger Direct?03:10
k4jhyeah, they're still around, though the Raleigh store closed I think, and just the Durham store is left.03:10
k4jhwhat candy stores are open 8-5 M-F, where I could go and buy transistors and whatever?03:11
ka6soxk4jh, that is the question...03:24
ka6soxnothing isn't 8-5MF03:24
k4jhsorry, not following you... you said earlier that we have lots of candy stores but thye're all 8-5 MF. which are those?03:24
ka6soxgoogle has found a lot...I've not found anything however that seems like it *might* except maybe something like undead-computers but their website is down.03:25
ka6soxyou might see if Amazon offers "same day delivery" at one of their pickup locatoins03:27
k4jhwell, we'll see how it goes tomorrow. for now, time to rest. 73.03:29
wmatk4jh: try asking on the trilug mailing list04:05
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ka6soxanyone here using Stretch?07:02
ka6soxon a max07:02
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k4jhwmat thanks, I'll look up that list and see how it goes.13:46
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Crofton|workI can make a bootable sd card using the mkefidisk thing?15:48
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wmatCrofton|work: from an img? Yes, you can.15:57
wmatCrofton|work: I think it's described in here
Crofton|workwasn't looking their :)16:00
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k4jhis anyone here running FreeBSD on their Minnow?17:45
zentrumk4jh: made it work, but its quite complicated...17:56
zentrumk4jh: if you use it with coreboot/seabios, everythings fine. with UEFI its a little bit more complicated but at least they made the serial work now17:57
zentrumbut be careful, the pci-serial is NOT the pin heder for the TTL debug serial17:57
k4jhwell, I got the 10.2 UEFI memstick image, wrote that to a USB stick with dd, and it boots, but then it gets stuck17:59
k4jhlike this:18:00
zentrumif you do not mind flash it to coreboot/seabios18:01
k4jhbut I was wondering if it switched to the HDMI output at that point18:01
k4jhok, and then use the BIOS images, instead of the UEFI ones?18:02
zentrumwas your pastebin output the serial outpu?18:02
zentrumhehe, yes. its a common pitfall18:04
zentrumyou see on the serial line only the debug output18:04
zentrumuse GPIO 6, 8, 10 und 1218:05
zentrumtianocore is not enabling the serial used as debug console18:05
zentrumwith coreboot and seabios you can keep on the same serial. eventually you have to take that serial console is working at all, the debug pins have only GND, RX and TX, so, no RTS/CTS and so is working18:07
k4jhso, the USB dongle I have plugged into the serial line, I can't just plug it onto the GPIO connector, I reckon.18:09
zentrumi would say, its not very helpful, how it is with the factory default, but hey, its for makers, right? ;)18:09
zentrumsure you can18:09
k4jhhm...  it has six pins, ping 4 is +3.3v, pin 14 is not ground... so...18:10
zentrumbest is to boot with a connected screen and a keyboard18:11
zentrumso you can istall like you want and serial will work then via GPIO18:12
k4jhyeah, that'd be the least effort. just need to find a mini HDMI cable.18:12
zentrumhehe, common problem too :)18:12
zentrumbut hey at least this is not a ux flaw ;)18:13
k4jhright. well, if you scroll back you will see my comment about maybe being trouble in this area. but, we'll see, I'll go Radio Shack, Best Buy, etc., and see what happens.18:13
zentrumamazon is your friend ;)18:14
zentrummaybe the minnowboard website should create an affiliate linkpage with all the things you need to work with a minnowboard and get the provision ;)18:15
k4jhyeah that'd be a gateway of last resort. I'll try locally first (ie, instant gratification). If not, I'll procure it online.18:16
zentrumotherwise get a second usb ttl serial adapter and connect it to the GPIO pins for accessing the pci serial too18:19
zentrumk4jh: may help too?18:23
k4jhI see that.18:24
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ka6soxk4jh, did you find a cable?19:06
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Crofton|workwhat processor is in the turbot?20:08
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ka6soxIntel(R) Atom(TM) CPU  E3826  @ 1.46GHz20:19
ka6sox2 cores20:19
k4jhka6sox I have not gone looking for it, yet.20:32
k4jhthat would be perfect.20:41
ka6soxthats a nice cable20:42
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k4jhfound it amazon, same price, and prime delivery, should be here early next week20:45
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zentrumhmm, just tried to boot voyage linux on minnowboard with coreboot/seabios20:54
zentrumfailed completely, should it work to boot with a sd card?20:54
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jimt1k4jh Tiger Direct/ Comp USA on Capital21:34
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