Monday, 2016-01-18

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KaseiWangexcuse me? I wonder if MinnowBoard Turbot supports HSE?08:48
KaseiWangI don't see HSE on
KaseiWangBut I see HSE here
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lilCodieanyone know of a touch screen the same size and compatible with the pi zero or something of similar size?? if so let me know both please, i want to set one up with bluetooth, wifi, and maybe RFID/NFC and a touch screen so it can be a controller for a door lock - which can be interfaced to with a cellphone or NFC/RFID/bluetooth keyfob/token/beacon09:08
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tbrKaseiWang: you mean the High-speed expansion connector09:22
tbrI'm rather sure it's there too :)09:23
tbras confirmed by page 17 of
KaseiWangtbr, OK! Thx!09:49
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_daniel_hi guys15:02
_daniel_what is the easiest way to recompile the kernel to be used in minnow15:03
_daniel_did i mention you that I don't have an storage card15:43
_daniel_i can only live boot from an usb stick :)15:43
tbrmy answer is vague because your question is very vague15:50
tbra slightly longer answer is: the way which is customary for the distribution you are running on it in the first place15:50
_daniel_tbr: thanks! just hoped that someone is already using something similar16:06
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_daniel_i don't have a distribution yet, i'm now starting to play with the minnow :P16:06
tbrthere are thousands of people using something similar16:06
_daniel_anyhow, i think building my own yocto based distro would fit best16:06
tbrmore people than minnowboards in existence, probably16:06
tbrwell if you use yocto as your starting point then you build the kernel from scratch anyway16:06
tbrso you can modify the kernel recipe to your heart's content16:07
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TSYShaving issues with SPI on Turbot board. dediprog fails to detect chip20:21
tbrnote that the turbot seems to have a 3.3V flashrom20:22
tbrat least that's what I've heard20:23
TSYSI agree20:23
tbrthe max had 1.8V20:23
TSYSlooking at the schematics shows the connection to 3.320:24
TSYSanyone have success with SPI on the Turbot?20:29
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TSYSanyone have success with SPI on the Turbot?22:04
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TSYStrying to flash the BIOS... device is not found by dediprog22:16
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