Monday, 2016-01-25

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prpplagueho diddly ho ho00:38
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zentrumhmm, trying to convince the tiano core guys to enable the 0x3f8 serial, too.09:14
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jellyis there a EU shop for turbot?11:56
tbrI think one of the larger distributors started stocking it12:12
jellythanks, I looked at but they seemed to be exporting from US12:31
zentrumjelly: yes, they do. but at the end, it does not matter for you, as they are handling the whole customs and so on...12:37
zentrum <= its cheaper than the minnowboard including chassis without memory12:38
zentrumsure, its an E3815 (single core) but at least it allows you up to 8 GB RAM12:39
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tbrit should still be significantly cheaper than ordering from the US and dealing with import VAT, taxes, high shipping costs, etc13:15
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zentrumtbr: at least for Germany, its cheaper to buy at mouser's13:34
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jellyzentrum: that one's nice but in my case I'm very suspicious of getting reliable set-top box performance without occasional skipping with a single core system18:43
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zentrumjelly: maybe 8 gb ram will help you also?18:48
zentrumhopefully, the turbot is successful and adi thinks about offering additional configurations18:50
zentrummy favorite turbot has 4 gb RAM, an Intel NIC (i-210series) and a msata2 onboard18:51
zentrumbut if you want real set top performance then you might wanna consider an Intel NUC board too?18:52
warthog9zentrum: set-top being effectively an HTPC?18:53
zentrumwarthog9: hehe, yes ;P18:53
warthog9I won't disagree with prefering Intel nics, but I can't think of many HTPC applications that would need anything approaching a full gbps network connection18:54
zentrumhehe, intel nics are just the state of the art, dealing with realtek is just lost time18:54
zentrumi really like the minnowboard but its still not out of the box ready for the end user18:55
warthog9in what way?18:56
zentrumand to be fair, many issues are not even hardware related18:56
zentrumjust for example the tiano core uefi18:56
zentrumthe debug uart is not initialized and you cannot use it18:56
zentrumthe coreboot guys made it happen18:57
warthog9zentrum: ummmm I use the debug uart on both coreboot and tianocore regularly...18:57
zentrumhmm, in minix I had no chance to speak with the debug uart18:58
zentrum0x3f8 was not available18:58
warthog9I won't disagree that there aren't issues with tianocore, but those tend to be around the UI implementation, not core functionality like that18:58
zentrumor at least i could get any output18:58
zentrumif you say it should work I will take a look again18:58
warthog9it should18:59
zentrumok, good to know!18:59
warthog9I know folks running the max/turbot headless and only using serial from linux and bsd18:59
warthog9I know from linux it's ttyS0 that works18:59
warthog9but it's possible what enumerates to ttyS0 is not 0x3f818:59
zentrumok, just the freebsd guys had a lot of trouble with the HSE serial?19:00
warthog9the HSUARTs are a little different than your normal 16550 type UART19:00
zentrumyes, the first serial (part of HSE) works quite well19:00
warthog9so the UARTs in the LSE are a bit weird19:00
warthog9the FTDI serial port that the firmware uses, etc, should act the way you'd expect though19:01
zentrummaybe the trouble i had was the missing rts/cts19:02
zentrummaybe it works now even with uefi19:02
zentrumgood to speak about it, so i have to change my mind ;)19:03
warthog9I don't mind criticisms on the board, but yeah - it's always good to double check them since I know there's sometimes just missunderstandings on things19:03
zentrumand the turbot already addressed a couple of things MAX shortcomings19:03
warthog9ok I need to pack up the laptop and get lunch and head to the airport19:04
warthog9zentrum: quite a lot of them19:04
zentrumyepp, wish you a safe flight, will talk on monday about minix3 on minnowboard19:04
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