Tuesday, 2016-01-26

freqzentrum: i know uart works00:26
freqi accidentally enabled Vbios and had to rescue my turbot 2 days after i bought it00:27
freqor received it00:27
freqthe ftdi friend from adafruit works for that very well00:27
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danno_wondering if anyone is able to use /sys/class/gpio when using u-boot as bootloader01:17
danno_it just has export/unexport, and they don't work as expected01:17
danno_no gpiochipNNN entries01:17
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warthog9danno_: I assume you tried `echo ${gpio_number} > /sys/class/gpio/export` ?19:12
* reanguiano checks http://wiki.minnowboard.org/Where_to_buy, sees the MAX is sold out or on backorder, Turbot is available19:32
* reanguiano wonders exactly how backwards compatible Turbot is supposed to be19:34
danno_warthog9: yup, kernel complains "export_store: invalid GPIO 338"19:38
warthog9danno_: what kernel?19:47
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warthog9danno_: hmmmmm20:02
warthog9that should be new enough20:03
warthog9danno_: do you have /sys/kernel/debug/gpio ?20:03
danno_warthog9: yes but it's empty20:04
warthog9that makes me think that the gpio drivers aren't loaded20:04
warthog9do you have an lpss driver?20:05
danno_warthog9: probably? how do i check20:07
danno_warthog9: this kernel+rootfs (from yocto) works when I use the Intel firmware image, so I imagine it's a u-boot issue20:11
danno_warthog9: u-boot induced* issue, I'm probably doing something wrong there20:12
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warthog9danno_: not sure, you built from martinr's suggested build for coreboot?23:14
warthog9(if so I can build it and slap it on and take a look around)23:14
freqreanguiano: everything works just the same on the turbot from my experience.23:15
freqall i was concerned with was a RTC, sata power and uart23:16
reanguianofreq: Good to know. I won't know until I try. :-) I picked up three of the max boards then developed a demo. Shopping for more demo boards, I finally found someone who had the max in stock.23:18
danno_warthog9: no coreboot involved, just the "bare metal" u-boot build23:19
reanguianoOr more like learned to read the page where it says "244 in stock" or whatever. :-)23:19
warthog9danno_: ohhhh, ok I'll see if I can get that built up and take a look23:20
warthog9I'd GUESS u-boot isn't setting something up23:21
warthog9is sjg1 paying attention?  He might be able to weigh in on what's going on23:21
sjg1danno_: Perhaps the GPIO setup is not correct? If you look at minnowmax.dts only a few GPIOs are mentioned23:22
sjg1See pch_pinctrl23:23
danno_sjg1: i am using that file, unmodified--the soc_gpio_s5_0 entry should correspond to gpio 338 that i tried above23:26
sjg1OK I see. I have tested this in U-Boot but not Linux23:26
sjg1It is worth taking a look at the Linux driver to see how it decides what GPIOs are available?23:26
danno_probably more worth making sure linux is getting the dtb23:28
danno_i'm not passing it explicitly because i'm booting a bzImage with zboot command23:28
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sjg1I don't think Linux uses or needs the dtb on x8623:35
danno_u-boot/doc/README.x86 seems to indicate that it is used23:37
sjg1Not in Linux23:37
danno_i see23:37

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