Saturday, 2016-02-13

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* freq flows01:51
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gagaliciouscan  minnowboard max do pxe boot?12:59
gagaliciouscan  minnowboard max do pxe boot?13:23
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dememorizedgagalicious: It seems like the answer is "Kind of"
dememorizedbut that is an old thread, maybe warthog9 has anything new on netbooting?13:35
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gagaliciouskind of what?17:23
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zentrumgagalicious: depends on your bios18:07
zentrumbasically, ipxe should work18:08
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gagaliciouscan i ask? i want a 64bit board. does minnowboard have an alternative? that has a sata port as well?21:13
gagaliciousthe closest i know is pine6421:14
gagaliciousbut doesnthave sata21:14
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freqgagalicious: check out the turbot23:12
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