Sunday, 2016-02-14

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wmarone__minnowboard max and turbot both use 64-bit cpus and offer 64-bit builds of UEFI02:09
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rZrgagalicious, why 64bits ?12:54
gagalicioussome software need 6412:54
rZrmaths ?12:55
gagaliciousi wonder if there are any SBC like raspberry pi with ecc ram13:04
zentrumgagalicious: there are SBC with ECC13:13
gagalicious1gb and above ecc?13:14
zentrumapu2c4 = 3 i210AT LAN / AMD GX-412TC CPU / 4 GB DRAM with ECC13:14
zentrumall I want! Intel NIC, ECC RAM...13:14
zentrumok not ALL I want, the CPU is an AMD13:14
zentrumcosts less than the minnowboard *iirc*13:15
gagaliciousit says ecc not working yet13:15
zentrumgagalicious: coreboot issue13:16
zentrumshould be solved in the next weeks13:16
gagaliciouswhere can i buy this?13:16
zentrumand in europe, more or less everywhere13:16
gagaliciouswow, thanks. when ecc is fixed, i'll definitely buy it13:17
gagalicioushow big is the power adapter i cant seem to find13:18
zentrumjust regular power adapter, 12 VDC, max 18 watt, 2.5 mm jack, i assume you can get a bunch of different form factors matching this criterias?13:20
zentrumIIRC he also offers PoE injectors13:20
gagaliciousthat's great.13:29
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tbrzentrum: does it really look like that?
tbrI haven't seen that on a power supply for probably over 20 years13:47
trousergagalicious check out hummingboard13:58
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freqwhere do i get one of the large heatsinks for the minnow max17:23
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freqtime to compile openssl17:43
freqthere was a vuln17:43
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ka6soxfreq, when isn't there a vuln18:46
freqyou pose a tough question.19:19
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tbrvulns, vulns everywhere!19:24
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warthog9freq: bug Mr. Plague when he's back on, I'm not sure where he's finding those giant green fan sinks22:53
warthog9freq: (assuming that's what you were looking for)22:53
ka6soxwarthog9, I'll have to pay attention to that as well.23:04
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freqwarthog9: it is23:22
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