Monday, 2016-02-15

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freqyeah, i'd rock one of those large green heatsinks00:05
ka6soxwhen doing HDL compiles it gets warm00:09
freqka6sox: what does00:09
ka6soxthe Minnow Max00:11
freqyeah, i would like more surface area for mild steam gaming00:11
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ka6soxnot tried that...00:12
ka6soxI suppose Jessie could do it.00:12
freqi run sid and play CS:Source and civ 500:12
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freqthese boards do it all (within reason)00:15
ka6soxyes, its not good for doing OE builds on...but is a good host for doing uC development and *light* FPGA worek.00:20
freqwell, i'm not sure what you mean by OE. Original Equipment?00:21
ka6soxOpenEmbedded, think Gentoo Cross compiles for embedded targets.00:21
freqi just use it as my desktop and learning aid00:22
freqit has some nice onboard encryoption and lures00:22
ka6soxI've got one setup as a development workstation with many breadboards and power.00:23
freqsame :p00:23
freqi've a little "on the air" light project going00:24
ka6soxgood fun00:24
freqwhen i put in my sudo pass it will light up red under a sign00:24
ka6soxDanger Will Robinson!00:24
freqi'm also working on getting my stack skills linux cert00:24
ka6soxI'm Dangerous...00:25
freqwhen i was your age i was dangerous00:25
ka6soxhow do you know my age?00:26
freqyou're 3500:26
ka6soxturn that over and add 400:26
freqyou're 57. i know it!00:26
freqyou also are a ham operator00:26
ka6soxare you?00:27
freqand you have art worthy metal gear on your roof!00:27
freqnah, but i am a freebander00:27
freqit's been so cold. i need to put my repaired uniden back in the truck00:27
ka6soxokay into Sword Coast Legends...bbl00:29
freqwarthog9: looks like someone somewhere on the G+ page had a lead on where to get those heat sinks00:35
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freqi'm searching for it00:36
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freqit seems to be a GPU heatsink01:05
freq100% match:
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jimt1zentrum gagalicious if you want ECC we can built it on RCC-VE01:49
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ka6soxfreq, now there are 5...I ordered 204:24
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zentrumtbr: looks like this one08:52
zentrumjimt2: having ECC on RCC-VE means which MOQ?08:53
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tbrzentrum: right, that's NOT a jack, that's a barrel connector. Someoneā„¢ should tell them that their specs are b0rken09:14
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zentrumtbr: hehe, will send him a mail :)11:26
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