Thursday, 2016-02-18

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warthog9how to make a headless turbot: accidentally sheer the hdmi port off00:58
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bluelightningwarthog9: doh01:44
browntroutproject 2 for the wiki!02:24
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warthog9bluelightning: yeah, luckily it's on a machine that can go headless03:02
bluelightningwarthog9: out of interest, did you have to apply a lot of force to do that?03:03
warthog9bluelightning: wasn't paying attention, but where it had an hdmi monitor plugged in03:03
warthog9and no case03:03
bluelightningah ok03:03
bluelightningtypical usage though I guess03:03
warthog9I was working on the minnow cluster we showed at elce03:04
bluelightningah right03:04
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zentrumhmm, having a headless atom based SBC would be quite interesting11:47
zentrummy fear is, having ECC and a GPU slows down the GPU quite heavily?11:47
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matix21Hi everyone!12:58
matix21I'm facing a little problem with uart on minnow board.12:58
matix21I'm trying to configure the UART 1 to work with 115200, but i still have it on 250000013:00
matix21I'm using Zephyr ( and there was a problem that UART 0 is IO port, but UART 1 and 2 are MMIO13:02
matix21But I've already managed this, and set the proper config13:02
tbryou might want to get in touch with the Zephyr "community" as that's probably a Zephyr specific problem13:02
matix21so now I can see data on TX pin, but it is too fast :)13:02
matix21@tbr yes, but they don't know :)13:03
matix21is there any documentation with the registers map?13:04
matix21or maybe how to set prescaler for uart?13:05
matix21in fact, I'm a new member of Zephyr team13:06
matix21but I'm probably the first one who is trying to run Zephyr on MinnowBoard13:07
wmatbut it says it's a supported board already13:19
sjancwmat: it is, but UART1 and UART2 are not working13:21
sjanconly console is13:22
wmatso this is a QEMU config, not real hardware support?13:31
sjancthere is real hw support (since we run zephyr on minnowboard)13:32
sjancnot just on qemu13:32
sjancbut on real HW UART1/2 are using MMIO, right?13:33
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