Wednesday, 2016-02-24

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jimt1compile linux kernel in < 60 sec?00:20
jimt1massive video wall?00:20
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jnavarrojimt1: I would try to do is Distributed Audio Processing, to handle virtual instruments and effects of each channel in a recording session.05:20
jnavarrojimt1: What about a video rendering farm?05:20
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johnf_Hi just thought i would try here I updated to latest firmware flashed it and now the ssd is not being detected so I'm dropped into uefi shell. Any hints?08:00
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johnf_anyways solved the issue08:52
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jimt1jnavarro  thought about GPU farm.  it's a good fit18:43
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k4jhjohnf_ how did you solve the problem with the SSD not being detected?19:00
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prpplaguejohnf_: what kind of issue are you having? via the sata connector or using the silverjaw?19:21
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