Thursday, 2016-02-25

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ka6sox-awayI'm seeing a meta-minnowboard for the original Minnow but not one for the Max/Turbot in this because its so mainstream it is not needed?18:22
prpplagueka6sox-away: yea, you just need to use the stock meta18:29
prpplagueka6sox-away: meta-intel that is18:29
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zentrumdoes yoctolinux on a sd card works with minnowboard max and coreboot/seabios?21:27
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savocaanyone else have turbot just completely die randomly?23:25
warthog9savoca: only when someone plugs a 12v in23:25
warthog9savoca: what happened?23:25
savocait's just dropping out completely sometimes23:25
savocasitting on a desktop23:25
savocaand the power LED goes off23:26
warthog9zentrum: I think so, martinr might know for 100% sure (I don't remember if coreboot has an sd driver off the top of my head)23:26
savocaonly boots up again if i replug in23:26
warthog9savoca: what size power supply you using?23:26
warthog9and when it goes off does D1 stay on, or does D2 go out?23:26
warthog9err D1 go out23:26
warthog9(D2, I'm assuming, turns off)23:26
savocajust D2 goes off23:27
warthog9what usb devices do you have plugged in?23:27
savocalogitech mouse23:27
warthog9keyboard, mouse, flash drive?23:27
savocajust mouse23:27
savocahave a motion module on the gpio pins23:28
warthog9could be something shorting there I suppose23:28
warthog9savoca: could always pull the motion module off see if it runs longer than you were seeing23:29
warthog9(obviously more a debugging step since I'm assuming you are using the motion module)23:29
warthog9savoca: what motion module?23:30
savocahavent had a problem with it on non-turbot23:30
warthog9I'm just guessing23:30
warthog9since the usual culprit is usb23:31
warthog9and people drawing too much power23:31
warthog9or an undersized power supply23:31
warthog9suppose it's possible your 3A supply doesn't handle load spikes well23:31
warthog9savoca: nice, that's a rather spiffy motion controller23:32
savocawhy thank you :)23:33
warthog9yeah unless you've got something obviously shorting, that's a pretty straight forward interface, 3.3v i/o i2c23:33
savocayeah, odd it's not detecting either /:23:35
warthog9it's not showing up on the bus?23:35
warthog9have you just tried reading / writing from the i2c address?23:36
warthog9I've had a couple of i2c devices cross my desk that don't enumerate on i2cdetect, but work fine.  It's usually a slight bug in i2c/smbus response on the bus23:37
warthog9spent 3 days debugging an i2c gpio expander that was working fine because of that23:38
warthog9suppose the other thing to check is make sure you 3.3v feed line for the mm7150 is on pin 4, and not pin 323:39
savocayup yup & yup23:39
savocagonna try a non-turbot23:39
savocanothing there either :(23:43
savocaworked a month ago23:44
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martinrzentrum: I use the chromeos version of SeaBIOS when I want to boot from SD.23:55
martinrIt uses a different SD implementation than the upstream SeaBIOS.23:56
martinrI assume that yocto has the SD drivers built into the kernel - that's the other requirement.23:56
warthog9martinr: yeah, there's a Linux driver for the SD so that shouldn't be hard to get working on a Yocto based distro23:57
martinrWe initially tried with just standard distros - ubuntu, fedora, etc, and they didn't have the SD driver built in, so they couldn't boot off of SD.  That was a few years back though, so I'm not sure if that's changed...23:59

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