Friday, 2016-03-04

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bluelightninglostincake: pretty sure it's not designed for that00:24
bluelightningif you want to power the board surely you should just be using the proper power input?00:24
lostincakeyeah I tried powering it from that side and it did not much lol00:24
lostincakeI'm trying to use it as part of a bigger board so wanted to see if I could directly power the minnow from the bigger obard00:25
lostincakeinstead of another cable00:25
bluelightningah, I see00:25
lostincakethanks for the info00:25
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warthog9lostincake: the 5V pin on the MAX I don't think can handle pushing power down into the board, think it's possible on the Turbot05:38
lostincakeI have the turbot and apparently not on there either05:42
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warthog9lostincake: hmmmm I'd have to double check the board files, but yeah06:36
warthog9not exactly intended06:36
warthog9I *DO* know you can still back feed power in through the USB ports06:36
warthog9on both boards06:36
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