Tuesday, 2016-03-08

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radensHello, I'm trying to boot ubuntu server from a usb stick via a serial terminal in a screen session.01:45
radensI'm getting this error:01:45
radenserror: no suitable video mode found.01:45
radensBooting in blind mode01:45
radensI tried editing the grub kernel boot arguments according to some messages I read on the mailing list but I'm getting the same error.01:46
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chetcoradens: your best bet is to use hdmi, do you have one?02:10
radenschetco: fancy seeing you here02:10
radensI don't02:10
radensWe were trying to boot via a usb serial terminal02:10
chetcoI linger here, I worked with the board when I was at Intel02:11
chetcoI have one of the micro hdmi cablees02:11
radenssmall world02:11
radenschetco: I don't have an hdmi capable monitor02:13
chetcookay well sorry I can't help, I rarely used the serial connection and it mostly worked02:14
chetcoI would suggest updating firmware but not sure how without video02:14
radensokay thanks02:17
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warthog9radens: what exactly is the issue?18:36
warthog9radens: are you even telling the installer it needs to work via serial?  I would assume (if it's going to work) there's either a boot option, or you need to add something like `console=ttyS0,115200n8` to the boot command line18:37
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radenswarthog9: yeah, I did and it still boots in blind mode.20:39
clsulliv1radens: the booting in blind mode thing shouldn't affect the serial console21:48
clsulliv1that shows up whenever it can't find something to output video to21:48
radensclsulliv1: hm thanks. It starts to boot but I never see anything.21:54
clsulliv1could be a kernel hang. Make sure quiet isn't in the kernel command line21:57
warthog9radens: did you add the console line?22:00
warthog9radens: to the kernel boot line22:00
radenswarthog9: yes22:02
warthog9radens: which ubuntu?22:03
warthog9going to snag it and try and duplicate on the minnow next to me22:03
warthog9ka6sox: ping22:03
warthog9sjg1, martinr: also ping22:04
radenswarthog9: 14.04 server edition.22:10
radensI'm probably doing something dumb.22:10
warthog9radens: computers are pretty dumb22:12
warthog9lets see how long this is going to take to download22:12
radenshere are the boot args I'm using when I edit it with grub. Then I just hit f10. I also tried removing the file=... line22:12
clsulliv1warthog9: I happen to have ubuntu-14.04.3-server-amd64.iso sitting in my downloads22:13
clsulliv1if you can bring over a usb stick22:13
radenswarthog9: http://ubuntu.osuosl.org/releases/14.04.4/ the OSL has some fast mirrors.22:13
warthog9clsulliv1: second, now I gotta find a usbstick I'm not using22:13
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warthog9radens: it's not the mirror that's the problem ;-)22:14
radensoh. Sorry.22:14
radensI know the official ubuntu downloads are so slooow.22:14
warthog9radens: yeah - some days my home internet is faster than work by a lot22:14
warthog9radens: https://www.kernel.org/doc/ols/2008/ols2008v1-pages-173-182.pdf22:14
radenshuh that's exactly what Ubuntu's doing.22:17
warthog9their backend isn't as smart as I generally proposed22:17
warthog9but doing the backend "smartly" is actually super complex22:17
ka6soxwarthog9, pong22:17
radensSo funny thing.22:21
radensHitting ctrl+x at the boot screen managed to get the puppy to boot, while f10 didn't22:21
radensthough I may be having baud rate problems.22:21
warthog9radens: should be 115200n8 on both sides22:26
warthog9make sure you've got hardware flow off on the client side22:27
radensit actually might be a screwed up screen session since it persisted across reboots.22:27
warthog9I'll admit I tend to use minicom22:27
radenshardware flow?22:27
warthog9hardware flow control, one of the things that old school serial tended to use22:27
warthog9(most modern serial ports don't anymore)22:27
warthog9radens: ok, and to confirm you are getting stuck at the installer, right?22:32
radensyeah. I think. Everything looks like gobbledy gook but I'll work it out tomorrow.22:33
radensThank you all for your help!22:33
warthog9radens: if you can't get it, ping me tomorrow22:33
warthog9yeah ping me tomorrow22:34
warthog9*sigh* ok Ubuntu "server" is apparently not serial console friendly22:45
warthog9isn't *THAT* pleasant22:45
sjg1warthog9: Hi22:52
warthog9sjg1: you should sync up with martinr22:54
martinrsjg1: You have a minute to talk?22:55
sjg1martinr: Can chat but am not in the office until the morning22:57
martinrok, let's just talk tomorrow when you have some time then.22:58
warthog9yeah, stupid Ubuntu doesn't try to have the serial port work on a normal boot23:06
warthog9which is obnoxious23:06
sjg1martinr: OK23:06
sjg1martinr: I'm free all morning so grab me when it suits23:10
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