Wednesday, 2016-03-09

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chetcowarthog9: ping21:13
warthog9chetco: pong21:38
warthog9in the middle of meetings21:38
chetcowarthog9: I will be up there on the 18th21:51
chetcoyeah, it's a Friday. Will you be around?21:54
warthog918th, think so21:57
warthog9pretty sure21:57
warthog9worst case I'll be at the Demo Fab21:57
chetcoI wont start work until summer, but I was wondering if you will have something for Evan and I. He needs more things to destroy I think.21:58
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warthog9chetco: yeah I can get you that stuff22:04
warthog9it's finally all here22:04
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chetcowarthog9: Yay! I will be at RA, however. If I can get away by 11:30 will they let me into JF5 cafe?22:11
warthog9chetco: we can probably get you in22:14
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