Wednesday, 2016-03-16

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interrobangdi sell my minnowboard11:15
interrobangdanyone interesstet?11:16
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warthog9Looks like Atmel is doing some polls on people's favorite boards17:55
warthog9Minnow's up if anyone wants to go and vote:
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wmatodd they'd put the Minnow against the RPi21:38
bluelightningpeople always compare SBCs against the RPi21:54
bluelightningI guess it's fine if they actually compare all aspects of the boards21:54
wmattrue enough21:56
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warthog9wmat: clearly they are pitting the high price vs. the low price?22:21
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warthog9ohhh gaining on the rPi, we've got 27% now22:26
bluelightning doesn't have max/turbot :.(22:37
wmatwarthog9: there's results?22:47
warthog9wmat: after you vote you can "live" watch the results change22:49
warthog953 votes in, minnow is now at 26, rPi is at 74%22:49
warthog9so if you vote on it you can watch too ;-)22:50
wmati just did, nothing happened22:50
warthog9(I have no idea why I'm so fascinated by this poll but I am)22:50
wmatoh wait, there it goes22:50
* bluelightning cannot vote because he has no twitter account22:51
bluelightningnow, if you don't mind, I'm going back to my cave to draw some animals22:51
warthog9bluelightning: fish, and boars I'm guessing?22:52
bluelightningwooly mammoths, naturally ;)22:52
freq`google little wings, will you make the flight?23:05
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wmatwarthog9: is there a set of docs the same as the ones Jayneil wrote for the original MB?23:37
wmatwarthog9: they were all MinnowBoard Guide docs23:37

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