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warthog9the ones on
warthog9those should still be there00:14
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riz__If I am trying to connect minnowboardf through serial to my host development computer how do I know the IP of the minnowboard? Does it have to be set as static?17:07
bluelightninger, if you're connecting over serial you don't need the IP ... ?17:08
bluelightningor, you can just log in and query it after establishing the connection17:08
warthog9riz__: you are using the ftdi header with an ftdi cable right?17:08
riz__It is seen on my host as ttyUSB017:10
warthog9should be able to use screen or minicom (I tend to use minicom for archaic and silly reasons) to connect to the board via that17:10
warthog9that should get you early firmware messages, and assuming your boot loader and OS have serial port stuff turned on (I'm guessing you are using Linux so you may need to add the serial information to your boot loader, and possibly `console=ttyS0,115200n8 console=tty0` to your kernel boot line) you should just get a terminal17:11
warthog9(I'm assuming you are using a normal distro and not something you've compiled yourself like a Yocto built image for example)17:12
riz__I actually am using yocto17:12
warthog9from there you should be able to log in, and as bluelightning suggested, just be able to run `ifconfig` or `ip addr` on the board to get the ip address, if it's got on assigned17:13
riz__How do I sassign one?17:13
warthog9not sure how you double check if the image has serial enabled by default, I *BELIEVE* it does17:13
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riz__I see "lo" and "eth0" when I type ifconfig17:14
warthog9depends slightly, take a look in the image for /etc/ (err second while I boot up the yocto image I've got here)17:14
riz__But I am not sure how to assign an IP17:14
warthog9there always the `ifconfig` and/or `ip` route17:14
warthog9if you want to manually set it, but I'm guessing you want to set it in the configs so it comes up correctly on boot17:15
warthog9(without direct user intervention)17:15
riz__YEs I do want to do it without user intervention17:16
riz__But I also just want to do it manually to get it working17:16
warthog9take a look and see if you have `/etc/network/interfaces` on your image17:16
riz__Do I ifconfig "lo"17:16
warthog9at least in mine it defaults to dhcp17:16
warthog9if you have `ifconfig` run `ifconfig -a`17:16
warthog9you should get something other than lo17:16
warthog9(or well in addition to anyway)17:17
riz__using ifconfig -a I just see the previous two plus sit017:18
warthog9of the previous two I assume one was eth0?17:20
warthog9(for note: lo is the local loopback interface on the system, it's not GENERALLY something you want to muck with)17:20
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riz__I assumed that was for the ethernet17:20
riz__OK thanks. well noted17:20
bluelightningthe default in an image produced by YP tools is DHCP17:20
riz__I dont see that for some reason17:21
bluelightningI built an image just yesterday and booted it on the turbot so it definitely works17:21
riz__yeah, turbot is what I am using17:21
warthog9riz__: do you have pump, dhclient or dnsmasq maybe?17:21
riz__I built core-image-minimal17:22
bluelightningyep, me too17:22
warthog9(I gotta jump to another meeting brb)17:22
riz__I dont know what pump is17:22
riz__Did you include anything extra in your image to get DHCP to show?17:23
bluelightningare there messages on boot about attempting to acquire an IP address for eth0?17:23
riz__hmm.. I just have poky+meta-intel17:24
riz__Not much there. Don;t know why it didn't work17:24
riz__Ill check17:24
bluelightningI definitely noticed them the other day17:25
bluelightningthere were also slight associated delays while it waited to hear back from the DHCP server17:25
bluelightningon my network at least17:25
riz__no it doesnt17:28
riz__it says udhcpc started17:28
bluelightningno messages about eth0 at all?17:29
riz__I am using intel-corei7-64-4.0-jethro-2.0.tar.bz2 bsp from yocto downloads17:31
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bluelightningthat's odd17:34
bluelightningI'll just boot my board again to double-check17:34
riz__What other layers have you included?17:34
riz__Or did you keep it to poky+meta-intel?17:34
warthog9sorry back17:35
riz__I also added meta-qt5, sorry17:35
bluelightningI did add a few others but they aren't relevant for this aspect17:35
bluelightninghere's what I see:
riz__I get the same except for "link ready"17:40
riz__eth0 shows17:40
riz__But how is this related to dhcp?17:41
bluelightningah, I thought you said no messages about eth017:41
riz__For my serial communication using the ftdi cable?17:41
riz__ohh haha17:41
bluelightningyou have the ethernet cable plugged in right?17:41
bluelightningsilly question I know17:42
riz__No, I am not using it. Thats why it isnt ready17:42
riz__I was focused on the ftdi cabkle17:42
riz__trying to see why dhcp isnt showing17:44
bluelightningI'm a bit confused17:44
riz__I cannot get communication between minnowboard and my host computer using the ftdi cable17:45
bluelightningthe ftdi cable provides a serial link, not a network connection17:46
riz__When using minicom I don't get any communication17:47
bluelightningis it a 3.3v FTDI cable?17:48
warthog9riz__: and did you plug it in the right direction?17:48
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riz__I think it is a 5V17:49
bluelightningthat's probably the issue then17:49
riz__That one17:49
riz__And the black cable is towards the SATA17:50
riz__*black wire17:50
riz__Actually I just checked17:54
riz__it is 3.3V17:54
riz__They have two models. I did order the 3.3v model17:54
warthog9riz__: if you reboot the board do you see anything?17:55
riz__When I have it connected to my host the board actually doesn't boot up17:55
warthog9and I'm assuming you ran minicom with something like `minicom -D /dev/ttyUSB0` ?17:55
warthog9that doesn't sound good17:56
riz__If I tried booting with the cable flipped could that have burnt something out?17:56
warthog9shouldn't have17:57
riz__It booted17:59
riz__I had to cycle it a few times17:59
riz__That happens sometimes. I don't know why17:59
warthog9seems odd18:00
riz__On your cable do you have any lights on/flashing on the USB connector?18:03
riz__I only see a quick flash when I plug it in but nothing after that18:04
warthog9but it sounds like you have the serial cable in the right spot18:09
warthog9if you reboot do you see anything on the screen?18:10
riz__Just worked18:12
riz__My mind is blown18:12
riz__I did nothing but reboot for the 10th time18:13
warthog9riz__: MAX or Turbot?18:14
warthog9what else do you have plugged in?18:15
riz__I have noticed that with my board18:15
warthog9and what power supply do you have?18:15
riz__HAve to rebbot a few times for it to boot sometimes18:15
riz__I guess it is just one of those things18:15
warthog9(I gotta run between things again - I swear Thursdays are a running event)18:15
warthog9I haven't seen that, so I'm suspecting your power supply18:15
warthog9(might be under powered)18:16
riz__It is the one that came with it18:16
warthog9from Netgate?18:16
* warthog9 goes to look18:17
warthog9do you have a couple of USB devices plugged in?18:17
riz__Just my keyboard18:17
riz__No SSD18:17
warthog9ssd is on msata via a silverjaw?18:18
warthog9ohhh no you don't have an ssd18:18
warthog9storage is microsd?18:18
riz__So do we communicate wit an IDE like QtCreator using ftdi or ethernet?18:18
warthog9if you wanted to be crazy you could run the IDE on the board ;-)18:19
riz__:0 I am not that crazy yet haha18:19
warthog9depends on what you are trying to do, what software are you trying to use?18:19
riz__I am doing GUI App development18:20
riz__for Qt18:20
warthog9(also wouldn't garauntee it would solve your problem but I have one of these as my bench supply )18:20
riz__OK, thanks18:20
warthog9I, personally, haven't used QtCreator so I'm not sure how it would work18:20
warthog9(sadly I'm a low level systems and storage guy classically so my idea of a UI tends to be weirdly piped commands on the shell)18:21
riz__no worries18:22
warthog9I'd assume you'd do the dev on your normal device and just copy the app over to the minnow though18:22
riz__Thanks for your help. You too bluelighting18:22
warthog9riz__: if I find anyone around here who's used it, I'll point them at you18:22
riz__OK thanks18:23
riz__I can just transfer the files through serial communication now I guess instead of removing the microsd everytime18:23
riz__would that just be like a normal copy in minicom?18:23
bluelightningyou could yes18:33
bluelightningbut wouldn't the easiest thing be to connect the ethernet and use that?18:33
bluelightningyou'd need an ssh server installed on the board of course since core-image-minimal doesn't include one, but that's trivial to do18:33
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riz__Has anyone every attempted installing Windows Compact (e.g. WEC7) on the minnowboard?20:23
tbrwhat the heck is that?20:24
tbrI've heard of people running windows, somehow. But it's not a PC, so it's not necessarily always straight forward.20:25
tbrah, some sort of CE flavor and coincidentally end of life in a month20:27
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riz__I run CE on baytrail, but on the stock uefi bootloader on minnowboard it doesnt work20:34
riz__Also, is there an available PCIe bus available on the USB port?20:35
riz__I would like to try adding a NIC without going through USB20:35
tbryeah, look at silverjaw lure20:51
tbrthat brings out mini-pcie and you either plug a nic into that or get a mpcie→pcie converter20:52
tbrI suspect CE is 32bit, so it might need a 32bit firmware. I think has some details about reflashing from 64bit20:53
riz__Oh ok. Thanks20:58
tbror you could get away with some shim loader21:08
* warthog9 slumps back to his cube after ALL the meetings21:28
warthog9riz__: yeah the firmware site for the MAX / Turbot has instructions on how to flash back and forth 32/64 bit too21:29
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