Friday, 2016-03-18

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wmatwarthog9: yeah, I have to docs. I was hoping there were newer ones specific to MAX/Turbot15:00
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warthog9wmat: trying to remember what the docs were on15:56
warthog9I've got a windows install guide in my inbox I just had to track down the other day15:58
warthog9trying to remember what else was up there without looking15:58
wmatthe GPIO programming doc16:06
wmatthe blinking and led doc16:06
wmata couple of flyers16:07
warthog9blinking led's been slightly subplanted16:07
wmatand a physical computing doc16:07
wmatthey're all targeting the original MB though16:07
warthog9hmmm we didn't write this one16:08
warthog9I guess we don't quite have the "blink an led"16:08
wmati've seen Martin's, he has lots of good stuff on his blog16:22
wmatstill, there's no 'official' docs :/16:23
warthog9yeah closest we've got is
warthog9but it's not quite as simple as I'd want16:33
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