Sunday, 2016-03-20

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YukenWhat GPU is found in the Minnowboard? I assume the integrated graphics on the Atom?02:34
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freqYuken: Graphics:  Card: Intel Atom Processor Z36xxx/Z37xxx Series Graphics & Display02:40
freq           Display Server: X.Org 1.18.2 driver: N/A02:40
freq           Resolution: 1920x1080@60.00hz02:40
freq           GLX Renderer: Mesa DRI Intel Bay Trail GLX Version: 3.0 Mesa 11.1.202:40
YukenAh, thanks, freq. that answers two questions actually.02:40
Yukenseems like the minnowboard uses bay instead of cherry :(02:40
freqi've compile a kit distro that works very well and quick on the turbot/minnowboard02:41
YukenNice. I'm thinking of buying one and seeing just what I can do with it.02:41
YukenI bet I can get CSGO running on it, Baytrail is surprisingly powerful :o02:41
freqYuken: they are very good 24/7 runners02:42
YukenBetter than my current laptop, as well, and more freedom than a chromebook for that price.02:42
freqi've played CS:Source on it with no problems02:42
Yukenfreq: CSGO is a different beast. my crappy laptop from 2006 can run CS:S at minimum settings.02:42
Yukenbut can't even start up CSGO02:42
freqah ok02:42
* warthog9 stretches02:45
* Yuken pokes02:45
* warthog9 assigns yuken all the rest of the work he has to do tomorrow02:45
Yukenwhat no02:45
Yukeni'm too young!02:45
warthog9Yuken: if you can get on IRC you can help around my house ;-)02:46
warthog9(joking obviously)02:46
Yukenwarthog9: will I get paid?02:46
warthog9Yuken: you'll get paid double what I'm getting paid for all of this02:46
Yukenwarthog9: and that is? I need at least $805 for my R9 390 and i5-650002:47
warthog9Yuken: I am making exactly $002:47
warthog9though to be fair02:47
warthog9I'm spending more money to make this all better02:47
Yukenno deal, then!02:48
warthog9so ~-$120002:48
warthog9so if you get paid double that ;-)02:48
freqi'll do it!02:48
YukenI'll take it02:48
Yukenwarthog9: you'll have to hide it, though, else you'll be charged with child slavery.02:49
warthog9you two clearly missed the negative side02:50
warthog9if I paid you -$240002:50
Yukenoh wait.02:50
warthog9you would not like me much ;-)02:50
Yukenoh god no.02:50
YukenI've made $5 in the last year.02:50
warthog9I suppose I technically made *does some math*02:56
Yukenoh god.02:58
Yukeni made $5 in total, but not negatives.02:58
warthog9Yuken: buying a house changes a lot of math ;-)02:58
Yukenmy mother made, in the last month, roughly $98,900 though. (apartment sale in greece)02:58
Yukensold for $200,000 once converted after taxes, half went to my aunt, half to us.02:59
Yukenbuilding a house and such with it.02:59
warthog9good plan02:59
Yukenafter that, rest go towards loans, and starting up a business.02:59
YukenDiner with her amazing homemade food. These are greek recipes that...02:59
Yukenare too amazing to buy anywhere.02:59
warthog9Yuken: btw you SHOULD be possible to hook up an external graphics card to the MAX / Turbot through the PCI-E03:00
YukenEven the simple ones, literally no one does them. And they are delicious. Kidney Beans + Raw Onions + a small amount of apple cider vinegar, mmm03:00
Yukenwarthog9: ... the Minnowboard has built-in PCIE? Is it mini PCIE?03:00
warthog9Yuken: HSE has a 1 x1 pci-e gen2 lane03:00
warthog9for graphics stuff it's not amazing03:01
Yuken> 1x03:01
Yukeni don't even know of a GPU that will fit in 1x.03:01
YukenNot even a 750Ti will do o.o03:01
warthog9but I'm still waiting for someone to get something like a giant 980TI hooked up to it03:01
warthog9by spec it should work03:01
warthog9but not all graphics cards honor x1 lane negotiation03:02
Yukenis it physically 16x, but electrically 1x?03:02
warthog9well the HSE isn't a pci-e port, so you'd have to break it out - but it could be, yes03:02
Yukenah, awesome then. I might look at an emulation station with a Minnowboard then.03:02
warthog9the adapters exist ;-)03:02
YukenI'm working on a little custom OpenSuse distro with SuseStudio, hoping to make it into my own little emulator OS.03:03
Yuken is actually the first time boot script I've got up that, so far, allows you to do things when you boot it up for the first time.03:03
warthog9hmmmm april 1 is coming03:04
Yuken... oh wait, would "exit;;" exit out of the script? if so, gotta replace that with break;;03:05
warthog9exit quits the script03:06
warthog9ok bbiab03:06
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warthog9and back04:14
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freqhi warthog918:47
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