Monday, 2016-03-21

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* warthog9 waves at freq 00:24
* freq flies away from the hand and lands upside down on something00:24
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* warthog9 stretches04:09
warthog9working up in the shop all day will make one sore04:09
jnavarrowarthog9: I bet the end results was well worth it.04:10
warthog9jnavarro: getting there04:11
warthog9I did get the work benches up, and started soldering up those relay lures04:11
warthog9though I have to figure out what's going on with one of the parts, it has a very odd sticker on it04:11
warthog9and I likely need to get a reflow setup to mount those parts (obnoxiously)04:11
jnavarrowarthog9: Which one?04:11
warthog9don't remember04:11
warthog9and it's pouring out, so I'm not going up to the shop04:12
jnavarrowarthog9: Sounds fair04:14
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jnavarrowarthog9: Whats your experience with ground shipping(UPS or FedEX) when ordering thru Mouser?04:37
warthog9jnavarro: tends to show up?04:37
jnavarrowarthog9: And what about 3rd day delivery from either UPS or FedEX?04:39
warthog9I tend to go with whatever is cheaper04:39
jnavarrowarthog9: Ok, got it.04:40
jnavarrowarthog9: Parts have been ordered04:47
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MinnowBoardOutreHi, I know it's last minute (I just learned about the program!) but is anyone working on the fishbowl notebooks this summer for Outreachy? If not, would it be possible to submit an application and do a small task in the next week? Thanks!12:22
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totallygloriaHey folks, I just found out about the Outreachy project today. The MinnowBoard project looks awesome -- I'm pretty sure I know enough Python to be able to contribute, but I'm pretty late to the application process.20:48
totallygloria@warthog9 - is there still a chance of getting up and running before tomorrow evening?20:49
totallygloriawarthog9: is there still a chance of getting up and running before tomorrow evening?20:52
warthog9totallygloria: yup :-)20:57
warthog9shooting for the iPython one?20:57
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warthog9totallygloria: when you get back can you ping me21:17
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