Wednesday, 2016-03-23

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clayauldhi I have a qustion00:56
clayauldits concerning the low speed expansion headers on the Max and Turbot boards00:57
wmaronefeel free to ask, if someone has an answer they might pipe up later01:15
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clayauldthe LSE headers provide +5V and +3.3V power. Any ideas on the max current output to these pins or for the regulators?01:50
clayauldI'm looking at the schematics right now to see if I can come up with a ballpark figure.01:50
ka6soxclayauld, hang around...thats a warthog9 or prpplague question..they both can give you that :)02:30
clayauldthanks, I will hang around. I have a rough idea at the moment from the schematics.02:30
ka6soxsince its after work (and late for some) the answer might be here when you wake up in the AM...what TZ are you in?02:30
clayauldAlaska time. 6:30pm here.02:31
ka6soxclayauld, i just got back...02:31
clayauldnice! where do you live? I'm in Fairbanks working at studying at UAF02:32
ka6soxah stuff.02:32
ka6soxcheck back in the AM...some on CDT...some who are late birds.02:32
clayauldok will do. thanks.02:33
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warthog9clayauld: just responded on the mailing list03:09
warthog9couple hundred mA and ~1A respectively to the 3.3V and 5V pins03:09
clayauldGot it. Thanks!03:09
warthog9we'll see if prpplague contradicts me in the morning ;-)03:10
ka6soxclayauld, I'd believe either of these guys :)03:13
warthog9ka6sox: I don't believe me all the time ;-)04:10
bluelightningit would be nice to have that written down somewhere if it isn't already, I was wondering about the 3.3V current limit the other day04:15
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