Friday, 2016-03-25

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throws-it-awayHello all! This is my first time on IRC. So, I'm not really aware of the etiquette behind how this works. Do we treat this like instant messaging, a forum, or what?04:18
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tbrwe treat it with patience...06:59
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aholler_tbr: +1 ;)09:51
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freqlol he's gone already20:47
freqthis is my first time on IRC. i don't even20:47
freqis there going to be another version of the turbot?20:47
* freq gets the intel microcode20:49
freqsomeone needs to tell the world how well these boards do on sid!20:50
* freq recompiles kernel20:50
warthog9freq: there's a small spin in the works to resolve a minor issue20:56
warthog9freq: but it's not a huge big change20:57
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[W]does it have to do with usb?21:01
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