Tuesday, 2016-03-29

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fishgutsHi all. My minnowboard will spontaneously refuse to output to HDMI. Some days it works and some days it doesn't. I've finally tried to investigate the problem today but am getting nowhere.07:07
fishgutsI'm running a fully updated Archlinux. "lspci" shows the VGA hardware. I can't get X to run easily (I need to use root) but if I do get it to run then "xrandr" reports that "HDMI1 disconnected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis)07:08
fishgutsSo I can't find any evidence of the television being connected via HDMI at the moment. It could well be bad cables but it is odd that it just works perfectly sometimes and that wiggling the cables does nothing.07:09
fishgutsI don't even get the BIOS (or EFI Minnowboard equivalent) appearing at the moment (although it sometimes does).07:09
fishgutsAny advice would be appreciated. Thank you.07:09
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fishgutsAdditionally when I tried just then to unplug and plug in the hdmi connector, sparks flew off the connector. Is this bad? I thought HDMI was hot-swappable.07:24
fishgutsI can now no longer see HDMI1 or DP1 in xrandr, which concerns me greatly. If the hardware doesn't appear in xrandr is there another way to see if it's fried?07:24
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warthog9fishguts: MAX or Turbot?16:45
warthog9or ancient v1? ;-)16:45
warthog9fishguts: v1, I'd have to dig out a lot of bad memories to try and answer that16:46
warthog9fishguts: MAX: you might be running into the HDMI level shifting issue http://wiki.minnowboard.org/MinnowBoard_MAX#Weak_HDMI_signal_causing_some_monitors_to_not_work16:46
warthog9fishguts: Turbot: I don't have any reports of issues, so if it's a Turbot we should try and debug16:47
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fishgutswarthog9: Wish I had the Turbot. Been having plenty of HDMI issues. It could well be the level shifting, but would that prevent the HDMI1 output being listed by xrandr. I can't see any evidence of HDMI output capabilities at all anymore.19:26
fishgutsI have the Max.19:27
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warthog9fishguts: logically you should get something out of xrandr assuming you have all the drivers right :-/23:09
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