Thursday, 2016-03-31

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riz__I am trying to run a qt application on the minowboard but it is saying that it is failing to load the i965 graphics driver14:17
riz__Has anyone experienced thuis14:17
riz__I am using yocto to build a poky image14:17
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Emperor2k3i have a question regarding the audio capabilites of the minnowboard max/turbot: it is stated that there will be a lure extension available with direct audio output. but i cant find anyone. is this lure board already released?15:09
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prpplagueEmperor2k3: no, the lure is still under development15:38
Emperor2k3thanks for the answer. seems that the only possibility to get audio out of the board is via HDMI. unfortunaltey i do not own HDMI based audio hardware at the moment and i would have to buy a HDMI audio extractor box. right?15:56
prpplagueEmperor2k3: there are other options15:57
Emperor2k3would like to know...15:57
prpplagueEmperor2k3: the easiest if you just want some analog audio is to just add a usb audio dongle15:57
prpplagueEmperor2k3: something like that is dirt easy to use15:58
Emperor2k3yes this came also into my mind, but i have had bad experiences with USB soundcards15:59
Emperor2k3from the quality point of view15:59
prpplagueEmperor2k3: yea it all depends on the brand and such, but most of them work very well on the max/turbot15:59
av500Emperor2k3: a good USB audio card can be way better than an audio lure16:00
Emperor2k3av500: unfortunately i could not find any further information about the audio lure, but basically you are right. this is depending.....16:01
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