Friday, 2016-04-01

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jimt1New Minnowboard case photos:
ka6soxjimt1, where are these cases available?17:26
* warthog9 waves at jimt1 17:29
warthog9jimt1: those look awesome actually18:03
ka6soxvery...wish the ones I have had the upper slots...18:08
* ka6sox heads to his local 'space and mills the slots in...18:09
givemefiveIs it too late for GSOC applications?18:36
givemefiveI'm looking over the wiki now, not really sure the process other than jump on IRC18:37
tbryeah, applications closed. you can ofc get involved anyway, it's encouraged.18:58
givemefivetbr like be involved without being part of the program?19:28
prpplaguejimt1: nice!19:31
prpplaguejimt1: can i reshare on G+?19:31
givemefiveoh i see Note: We did not get accepted as an independent organization for GSoC 201619:33
warthog9givemefive: well past19:53
warthog9you are now looking at GSoC 2017 to get in at all19:54
givemefivewarthog9 all good, class schedules didn't come out until today so it was hard to plan for any gsoc projects19:55
warthog9givemefive: yeah19:56
warthog9timing is always the biggest issue with gsoc19:56
givemefivei'll think of something new to do with my A2 ;)19:57
ecdhejimt1, slick!19:59
jimt1prpplague: sure!20:01
prpplaguejimt1: dandy20:02
wmatjimt1: so is that case available for purchase?21:27
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