Saturday, 2016-04-02

jimt1wmat: yes, I believe so.00:11
jimt1might not be on the website yet, for lack of "pro quality" pics00:11
wmatjimt1: you mean the ADI website? No, it's not there yet.01:05
wmatjimt1: any idea what the retail cost will be?01:05
jimt1no, the netgate website(s)01:05
jimt1wmat: same01:05
jimt1btw: I don't 'do' pricing.  she who must be obeyed sets pricing.01:05
wmatjimt1: heh, understood01:06
wmatjimt1: btw, i'm the bill who's exchanged a few email with you jamie, and john01:07
* warthog9 waves at jimt1 01:23
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