Tuesday, 2016-04-05

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kyranfhey guys, anyone got windows 10 (not IoT edition) GPIO drivers for minnowboard MAX/Turbot?18:14
kyranfthe linux interface is super straight forward compared to the Windows 10/IoT interface, and the documentation is all over the place on what default windows 10 drivers could be used, if any, or if Intel provide some for us18:15
kyranfMy minnowboard has Windows 10 Home installed, and in the device manager it looks like there are multiple GPIO, I2C, and UART controllers listed, all with Intel drivers.19:06
kyranfI figure i'm meant to use the GPIO framework extension (GpioClx) windows provides to access these drivers, but the documentation for actually using these as a user-program developer (rather than implementing/designing a driver as all the docs cover) it's a bit difficult to get started19:07
wmatkyranf: replies may take awhile, as many are at ELC this week19:16
kyranfwmat, that sounds exciting (for them)!19:16
wmatkyranf: you may want to ask on the mailing list, as more Intel folks are on that than are on irc19:16
kyranfyes I may do that, once i've narrowed down exactly what i do/don't know about this19:17
kyranfi just need to work out how to access the pre-existing intel drivers with my user-level code.. the gpioclx framework seems to be only dealing with implementing your own kernel level drivers which obviously intel has already done for me.19:18
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kyranfIf the intel Realsense support wasn't so restrictive for what linux kernel/OS it has on it, it would be easier for me to just develop my application in linux were GPIO interface is super easy19:19
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