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kyranfsmurray: that's exciting! Thanks for mentioning that. Do you have a link to where ELC content might be made available or is it for subscribers/ticket-holders only?00:36
kyranfI can currently already do minnowboard + realsense but my issue is minnowboard + GPIO + I2C functionality in windows.. without going Windows 10 IOT00:37
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jnavarrokyranf: Most likely the guy who did the presentation at ELC Minnow+Realsense was using Linux, as his nickname is Miguelinux04:14
jnavarrokyranf: I´ll remind him to upload the slides somewhere or to verify why the slides are not up in ELC´s slides section.04:20
jnavarroMost likely on Friday as tomorrow he might be traveling.04:21
jnavarrokyranf: By the way slides are posted here ->
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MinnowBoardGSoC0Can you somebody to say where I can information about SIGNAL NAME and ACPI Object?13:14
MinnowBoardGSoC0I need this information because I want to configure i2c for MinnowBoard Turbot13:15
MinnowBoardGSoC0According to schemetic I need relation between SIO_I2C5_DATA and SIO_I2C5_CL pins and ACPI Object13:18
MinnowBoardGSoC0For example for Sharks-Cove board: page 2513:18
MinnowBoardGSoC0thanks in advance for your help13:19
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kyranfjnavarro: Thank you for that!15:34
kyranfIt looks like MinnowBoardGSoC0 is trying to do exactly what i'm trying to do - use ACPI objects (but i'm doing it in windows.. )  Would be nice to know if Intel or ADI Engineering (for the Turbot) have this info15:35
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warthog9kyranf: what are you trying to do?17:05
* warthog9 pops up for a few minutes before he has to get back to other things17:05
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wmatpop up again17:09
warthog9wmat: :-P17:10
wmatwarthog9: how'd the BoF go?17:11
warthog9bof went well17:12
wmatvery good17:12
warthog9not a lot of folks, but they had all the bofs at the same time17:12
warthog9talk went well too17:12
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kyranfwarthog9:  I have an application running on the minnowboard Turbot, in x64 Windows 10 Home (desktop not IoT). It uses Intel Realsense, opencv 2.4.12, and PCL 1.7.2 (x64). I want to interface with a PLC to control a conveyor system based on my application outputs. The GPIO interface for the minnowboard using Windows is undocumented, and seemingly taboo. Windows 8+ introduced native GPIO support, but nobody seems to have a useful user-s17:37
kyranfIntel has no docs on what their GPIO / I2C drivers interfaces are, like ACPI tables or IOCTL documentation for using that way of interacting with the windows drivers. I see Intel has GPIO drivers for their Intel NUC embedded boards, and a fancy "Serial GPIO driver" software tool for Windows 8.1 on their NUC boards. But i see online some people have tried to use these GPIO drivers on their NUC with windows 10 with no success.17:38
kyranfI have seen some examples where somebody wrote their own device table entry and windows driver (using the Windows Driver Kit to make a parallel port driver to control a stepper motor) and they control their custom driver through IOCTL calls. I can do the same, using this example, but I need to know how the minnowboard deals with windows-level GPIO device drivers.. including the hardware mapping which is pretty important.17:40
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tbrkyranf: try asking on the mailing list. more windows related discussion there.17:53
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kyranfI will compile a useful question for the mailing list soon, I think I have done enough collating of info now19:56
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kyranfhaha "ELC" means embedded linux conference, that'd be right.. no help for windows 10 GPIO there ;)23:25
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