Friday, 2016-04-08

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warthog9kyranf: let me poke around, I am reasonably sure there's documentation up on Microsoft's site about it05:17
warthog9kyranf: do you need it tonight, or can I go digging for it tomorrow?05:17
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kyranfwarthog9: I am fine with waiting... it is very important for future windows 10 embedded computers that there is better documentation so if I finally get something working using windows 10 native interfaces I would try to make a blog or info page with whatever example code and explanations I can15:05
kyranfThe best I can see from links i've found myself and those provided to me on the intel embedded community page, was about the windows driver docs for people who want to develop their own drivers. Half the problem is the intel drivers have no docs I can find, which would most likely clear all this up in terms of what interface is available to use them15:07
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warthog9kyranf: ok I'll try and run it down today19:19
warthog9kyranf: actually...19:20
warthog9kyranf: I'm guessing that's not quite right for what you are looking for though?19:22
kyranfwarthog9:  yeah so those only work when running the windows 10 IoT core on the minnowboard, I want to work out how the windows 10 normal desktop style OS access GPIO stuff. Since windows 8.0, windows has supported native GPIO interface and drivers, but they are scarcely documented19:45
warthog9ok, I'll dig around19:46
warthog9noting I'm a Linux guy so it might take me a while to sift through everything ;-)19:46
tbrwait, w10-iot and w10 proper have _different_ mechanisms for gpio?19:47
warthog9tbr: iot has a wrapper to the real functions19:47
warthog9tbr: think mraa or soletta vs. sysfs19:47
kyranfyeah perhaps pulling apart the IoT  GPIO interface will reveal how it's done in normal windows 10 device driver interface19:48
kyranfthat wouldn't be open source enough though...19:48
warthog9yeah :-/19:48
kyranfi know that the Intel GPIO controller device is evident on the minnowboard device manager, i can see it's driver .inf files and the ACPI name19:48
kyranfthe device class GUID as well19:48
warthog9so that should get you gpio control19:49
kyranfbut if I was to access this file using Createfile with the class GUID etc.. I can use IOCTL interface to request/set info19:49
kyranfbut i dont have any docs about GPIO pin mapping in the ACPI tables for the minnowboard and how the intel driver uses them.19:49
warthog9what mapping do you have?19:50
kyranfthe intel driver HAS to implement to two core IOCTL functions of "read" and "write" to the GPIO banks, according to windows device standards19:50
kyranfI have no mapping.. the only GPIO docs for minnowboard refer to linux OS GPIO numbers19:50
warthog9if you know what the gpio is connected to (since there's 3 connection points for gpios) and you know the offset number to that, it's easy to tell you which of those are the LSE19:50
kyranfthe windows device manager shows 3 seperate Intel GPIO controller drivers/devices19:51
warthog9does it tell you how many gpios are in each?19:51
kyranfone of them has to be the right one19:51
warthog9the gpios are splattered across all 3 ;-)19:51
kyranfim not sure, probably shown in the ACPI tables19:51
kyranftheres a program called DeviceTree which i'm trying to get, which enumates and shows info about every single device in the device manager19:52
warthog9if the acpi tables have that, I wrote a script a while back...19:52
kyranfthat might tell me how many pins are mapped to each controller19:52
kyranfand from experimentation i can probe the pins and toggle them19:52
warthog9kyranf: take a look at that script, because randomly toggling is not a great idea19:53
kyranfhaha, i agree but without docs its all i can do19:53
kyranfthis part in your script :"INT33FC"19:53
kyranfthat is exactly what driver/device name shows up in the intel drivers for GPIO in windows19:53
kyranfso it's using the same standard ACPI stuff19:53
kyranfwhich is handy19:53
warthog9kyranf: then that script has the offsets for the various pins :-)19:54
warthog9that'll at least get you gpio19:54
warthog9I2C and SPI get messier fast though19:55
kyranfyeah, so once I can get the right offset I can point the IOCTL commands to them and try to set them up and set/read the pins19:55
kyranfjust GPIO would be epic for now19:55
warthog9probably best off trying with pins (lse) 21,23,2519:56
warthog9since those default to gpio, and there's not wackiness in pinmux19:56
warthog9pretty sure they default (from firmware) to inputs19:56
kyranffor the purpose of real-time needs, ease and speed of implementation, i am just going to have a microcontroller with USB2.0 serial bridge. For this project.. but the GPIO in windows 10  is something that needs to be cleared up especially for future projects19:56
kyranfso i can connect to the intel driver, hopefully get the right ACPI table and offset for the pin, and use the standard required "READ" IOCTL command on that pin, and get a value?19:57
warthog9I suspect Mirosoft's intention is that anything needing gpio/i2c/spi/low speed raw connection, will use win-iot19:57
kyranfthey implemented all this back in windows 8 days.. which is why i'm surprised there is hardly anything about it still19:58
warthog9kyranf: likely because they have wrappers and stuff setup for win-iot vs. normal win19:58
warthog9the raw access may be something they don't want folks poking at for whatever reason19:58
warthog9and possibly not from the normal windows installs19:58
warthog9(nothing I genuinely have no clue on that side of things)19:59
kyranfwell a developer of a GPIO module or SoC designer can probably get developer-style professional interaction with windows devs19:59
kyranfi'm an engineer in an R&D company trying to use their stuff, so i'm less important :(19:59
warthog9that's why we exist, trying to help the folks who are less important20:00
kyranfwell thanks for your help warthog9 I will investigate this path and hopefully get a skeleton example of GPIO access going20:00
warthog9can't garauntee I'll be successful20:00
warthog9but I'll at least try ;-)20:00
warthog9kyranf: do let me know if you get it working, you may even want to put it on our wiki20:01
kyranfyes i will definitely do that if i can get it going20:01
* warthog9 stares at his todo list for the day20:01
kyranfi'ts basically hacking at this point, but we can perhaps reveal the secrets20:01
kyranfwould be nice if intel could reveal exactly what their supported IOCTL commands are for their GPIO and I2C driver20:03
kyranfi might do a question about that specifically on the mailing list20:03
warthog9you can try20:15
warthog9not sure if there's anyone on there that would know (obviously try, I'm just thinking of who to try escalating too)20:15
kyranfsomeone at intel who does Atom SoC specialty drivers for windows.. the guys who made the Intel NUC board windows 8.1 GPIO drivers would be the experts. there is just no windows 10 version, nor one for the minnowboard20:18
warthog9I'd start with what you've got, see how far you get and then bring it up20:19
warthog9be easier for them to see something if you've gotten to some point vs. purely hypothetical20:20
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pdp7warthog9: is that breadboard lure have a link?21:00
pdp7or "not out yet"21:00
* pdp7 == drew fustini (
pdp7I'm going to blog about some MinnowBoard Lures that have been made with OSH Park21:01
pdp7I have the Relay Lure and the MikroBus Lure on my list so far21:01
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