Monday, 2016-04-11

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k4jhDoes anyone have pointers to printable cases for the Turbot?02:08
* ka6sox looks to see if koen did one...02:12
k4jhwell, or ready made ones, besides the Netgate.02:13
ka6soxthere is one called a Tacklebox that is $9902:14
ka6soxand warthog9 made one for the Max/Turbot02:14
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warthog9reminds me I need to snag a couple of tackleboxes to check them out03:23
* warthog9 blames ka6sox 03:23
ka6soxneeds to be added to the wiki page..let me find the G+ on that so i can add it.03:24
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kyranfmy company is probably going to make an industrial aluminium box for the turbot + our own industrial interface board (basically a lure) and most exciting is a heat-sink connection to the case05:22
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warthog9kyranf: that's cool05:53
warthog9and I just beat the rss feed, news section, and auto cross posting from g+ to facebook and twitter into working05:53
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kyranfwarthog9: "that's cool" yeah I hope so ;)15:08
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warthog9kyranf: it will be cool16:23
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kyranfwarthog9:  how does this look, for accessing the Intel GPIO driver on the minnowboard - using this example on accessing IO devices,
kyranfI can pass the GPIO controller class GUID name to the CreateFile function, and then use the DeviceIoControl function to read/write to GPIO pins using the offsets you showed in that script the other day17:25
kyranfwindows defines standard/required IOCTL functions for read/write to GPIO device drivers so hopefully intel did their part correctly17:25
kyranfif what you say is correct, that those three GPIO pins on the low speed expansion header are default to input, I should be able to at least report the logic level at those pins in a simple program. configuring pins to be output is a whole new adventure though17:26
warthog9kyranf: second, fighting with my desktop17:29
warthog9I'm not sure who's winning17:29
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kyranfwell it seems that the intel driver doesn't provide/register an easy device name, so i have to go the round-about way using SetupDiGetClassDevs and the class GUID like I was mentioning before. From that I can use the device name for CreateFile..18:46
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freqi put a fan on my turbot with the large heatsink20:17
freqi got 46C on both cores!20:17
freqotherwise it idles at 70C20:17
kyranfI wonder what my turbot gets to with only the little stock heatsink..20:19
kyranfpretty sure it gets hot20:19
freqit's worth putting a fan on it. even the odroid has a fan and it's arm20:21
freqthe XU4 anyway20:22
warthog9mine idle pretty low20:23
warthog9with the stock20:23
freqwhat os?20:23
freqheadless or headed20:23
warthog9I tend to run Fedora20:23
warthog9or CentOS20:23
freqi used arctic silver on the large heatsink and still have 70C20:24
freqi also could not get video performance out of it on debian without cpufreqd20:25
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freqit would sit at 533 Mhz20:25
freqit's an everyday runner and i am not complaining.20:25
* warthog9 spins up a Turbot with an F23 install disk20:25
freqthey are really cool boards.20:25
freqCore 0:       +70.0°C  (high = +127.0°C, crit = +127.0°C)20:26
freqCore 2:       +71.0°C  (high = +127.0°C, crit = +127.0°C)20:26
warthog9I'm mostly just curious20:26
warthog9I've got a project where I'm going to spin up between 3 and 5 of them for something20:26
freqi had a fan just sitting on the heat sink and it dropped it over 20C20:26
warthog9if it works out it'll be one of my demos at ELCE20:26
freqi also jammed the bios on my minnowboard heh20:28
freqgonna need to reflash20:28
warthog9hmmm I need to steal a keyboard20:31
freqdo iiiitttt20:32
warthog9freq: stole, checked20:35
warthog9something is odd on that board20:35
freqwhich one?20:40
warthog9turbot on my desk20:40
freqi run wide spectrum on mine20:41
freqmaybe that makes it hotter?20:41
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warthog9you can tell I haven't had to do a firmware flash in a while, my flashrom line isn't in my bash history anymore20:43
freqi don't know what new firmwares there are for the turbot20:48
warthog9just v0.9020:48
warthog9I should get them to update the wording20:48
freqworks on both boards?20:49
freqthis should be fun20:49
warthog9hmpf I think I need to reboot my desktop20:50
warthog9been up for 2 months, about time to reboot20:50
freqgot a new kernel?20:50
warthog9probably several20:50
warthog9yeah this board does not like usb2 for some reason20:51
warthog9usb3 is fine20:51
warthog9usb2, not so much20:51
frequsb has been rock solid for me20:51
warthog9generally has been for me too20:52
freqi even built a 4 port strip into the fixture i have it set on20:52
warthog9though I've got some reports lately that there's something going on with usb20:52
freq4 port for 3.0. who needs 2?20:52
freqmaybe i will refrain from updating the firmware20:52
warthog9needs 2 whats?20:52
frequsb 2.020:52
warthog9ohhhh changing the firmware didn't change what I'm seeing on this board20:52
warthog9boards on my desk have a tendency to be the funny ones anyway20:53
warthog9case in point I have a single core board sitting on my desk20:53
warthog9ahhh board I was using has a toe tag20:54
warthog9that's usually not a good sign ;-)20:55
* warthog9 finds his actually good board20:55
freqkind of a silly question... would the company ever produce an arm board?20:56
freqbeing intel based and all that20:56
warthog9or Intel?20:57
warthog9or ADI and/or CCo?20:57
freqminnowboard. i am assuming that is the company20:57
warthog9MB is a non-profit so it's company-esque20:57
warthog9MinnowBoard: unless #2 happsn, unlikely20:57
warthog9Intel: Well, Intel made ARM chips at one point20:57
freqhow long ago?20:58
freqthats p cool20:58
warthog9I've got a couple of iPaqs that have the chip20:58
warthog9DEC -> Intel -> Marvel (currently it seems)21:00
warthog9err Marvell21:00
warthog9trying to find a kernel that works "right"21:17
warthog9stupid nvidia graphics card21:17
* moto-timo points at warthog9 and snickers21:18
warthog9moto-timo: seriously21:18
warthog9I'm honestly sad I don't have intel graphics on this system21:18
moto-timowarthog9: +121:19
warthog9see if nouveau works better now21:20
warthog9seemingly back up with the nouveau driver21:53
warthog9and now to get gl back up and working22:03
warthog9turns out kde needs gl to even work22:04
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warthog9and back up fully22:19
ka6soxthe DE0-NANO looks very good on the board.22:23
ka6soxbut I need another switch!22:23
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kyranfomg. I think i've found the answer warthog923:05
kyranfthe new (march 30 release) Windows 10 insider build has "universal" support for windows app development, which has the GPIO libraries/wrappers/headers for C++23:06
warthog9that would be easier23:06
kyranfthey are JUST about to bring it out23:06
kyranfI am probably a few months early for this to be easy :(23:06
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kyranfyou can make a universal program which has all the hardware abstraction layer done.. windows 10 app can be built and run on your desktop, and then transfer to a phone or an Xbox or whatever and it will work on all of them23:07
kyranfso now i'm upgrading my dev laptop to the insider build which has the universal GPIO support interface, and i should be able to build a small example program and run it on the minnowboard. hopefully the minnowboard doesn't need to be upgraded to the insider build as well, but if it does then i'll do it23:10
warthog9ohhh right *THAT'S* why I don't use the nouveau driver23:19
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