Monday, 2016-04-18

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bsanyone there15:23
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wmatalways, you just have to ask your question and be patient for your answer16:38
tbrwhy? I thought this is Instant Reply Chat!?16:38
kyranfinternet relay chat... lol. Good joke though16:51
kyranfI have to admit, as a noob to IRC myself it's odd compared to most chat services16:52
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wmatkyranf: us old folks like it ;)17:06
kyranfyou probably used it back in the 90's when the first chat channels were IRC17:10
kyranfmy first messaging service was Microsoft MSN Messenger. I was born in '90 so I missed out on the first wave of internet tech/social habits17:11
tbrget. off. our. lawn! ;-รพ17:13
kyranfWhat do you guys think of this beast?
kyranfas a logic upgrade from the minnowboard17:15
* warthog9 hands wmat a cane and offers him a rocking chair17:27
warthog9kyranf: it's interesting, but you may want to research the Braswell chip some17:28
warthog9see if it would actually be an upgrade for your application17:28
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kyranfI have no knowledge of the Braswell, it's the first time i've heard of it17:29
wmatwarthog9: thanks, i think i'll sit, maybe smoke a pipe17:29
kyranfsmoke some longbottom leaf, I hear it's the best in the shire17:30
warthog9kyranf: the chip is a follow on after the BYT-I, which is what we use, I haven't played with it extensively myself - but I have some reports that it's not always faster, depending on what you are up to17:30
wmatkyranf: i have a couple of the early UDOO boards. They're not bad.17:30
warthog9that being said, it's an interesting looking board, and kudos to UDOO for getting it out there17:31
kyranfthe integrated real-time microcontroller is interesting to me17:31
* warthog9 snickers17:31
warthog9they do call out the MAX on their benchmarks17:32
kyranfbut the raw compute power seems better too17:32
warthog9so that's kinda nice ;-)17:32
kyranfand yes i see that17:32
prpplaguewarthog9: url?17:32
kyranfthe MAX looks like it's literally the best of the lot17:32
warthog9it's the x86 udoo17:32
prpplaguewarthog9: for the benchmarks17:32
warthog9prpplague: it's on the project page17:32
prpplaguei didn't see that before17:32
prpplaguedid they just add it?17:33
warthog9don't think it was there last time I looked17:33
warthog9was just looking for the integrated mcu that kyranf was referring to17:33
prpplaguewarthog9: curie17:33
warthog9got it17:33
warthog9so MAX/Turbot++ + curie17:33
kyranfthat fixes my issues with windows 10 GPIO and industrial control17:34
prpplaguewarthog9: yea17:34
kyranfjust let the microcontroller deal with it17:34
warthog9kyranf: that's cheating ;-)17:34
kyranfand integrated 6-axis IMU means i can self-calibrate for mounting position in 3D space17:34
kyranfso whatever my realsense scans, I can compensate for mounting angles17:34
kyranfit's depressing how crap the beaglebone black is on that benchmark chart though.17:35
warthog9ok need to head into the cube farm, and jump on a most interesting call17:36
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jnavarro_atworkkyranf: Hi, better late than never --->
kyranfthanks :)20:45
jnavarro_atworkno problem20:45
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wmatthat reminds me, i have to grab all of those slide PDFs for elinux22:30
warthog9need to get mine uploaded22:34
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wmati just uploaded all the PDFs the LF had23:21
wmatthat's for your Survey of Open Hardware 2016 slides23:23
warthog9wmat: are you telling me you are lazy and I should just upload them? ;-)23:23
wmatwarthog9: if I can get them somewhere I'll upload them23:24
wmatwarthog9: they are not of LFs site23:24
wmatmouser put up a turbot video, btw23:25

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