Tuesday, 2016-04-19

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freqyou guys should make a mini arm board02:46
freqi mean i'd but like 302:46
freq*buy even02:46
freqand if you did like a GPU daughter board for the minnow, i'd wash your car for free02:47
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freqso, this turbot project has become somewhat of a monstrosity and i like it03:56
freqi like it because it looks very steampunk03:56
freqmy next trick will involve me wiring usb and psu to a central main03:56
freqi'm going to take the ports off and run some wire03:57
freqwhen i'm done, it will be a complete machine.03:57
freqwarthog9: you might know, where is a good place to get a 5A wallplug for these03:57
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freqpretty sure i'm running the stock 2.5A03:59
bluelightningI'd imagine for 5A you'd be looking at a laptop-style brick rather than a plugpack; I could be wrong but I didn't find too many 5A/5V plugpacks when I last looked03:59
bluelightningbut then I was only looking at what I could buy in NZ03:59
freqwell, i wanna stay out of itx territory i guess04:00
freqmaybe 4A?04:00
freqi don't think i will need 504:00
freqonly thing that sucks about working on the turbot is that downtime04:03
freqit's my daily04:03
freqitx territory^04:05
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warthog9freq: how big a wallwart?16:46
tbrthat's going to be one ugly wart ;)16:47
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calculusI bought 5V/4A wall warts before and they are not too big22:23
kyranfokay so windows insider build 14316 has the universal windows platform GPIO support for desktop builds of windows22:44
kyranfneed to develop on visual studio 2015 Community though to use the SDK extension to reference all the goodies22:45
kyranfthe support is available in windows desktop builds 14295+  (which is an Insider build)22:46
kyranfso minnowboards with the insider desktop builds could run the GPIO code you see in an IoT example22:47
kyranfnext test is to build a simple app that does a GPIO toggling and prove that end of things ;) haha22:51
cbrakeDoes USB3 work OK on MBM under Ubuntu 14.04?  I'm trying to get a USB3 camera working -- works fine on my PC, but test app dies on MBM.  Unfortunately, I don't have source23:05
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kyranfcbrake:  i'm sure the hardware layer does, but the driver or interface for that USB3.0 camera may be broken. Is it using some fancy Halcyon interface or other proprietary drivers?23:16
kyranfcan you view the list of connected devices and see the USB3.0 cam there? Is there a DMESG warning when you insert/remove the device from USB?23:17
cbrakekyranf: appears to be a USB problem of some sort: https://gist.github.com/cbrake/5a008ddf6ee4087dac2b6ed412bd92d923:40
cbrakekyranf: I've had a lot of problems with the MBM and USB flakiness like this.  Another developer at another location has a MBM that works much better23:41
cbrakeso perhaps I have a defective board or something23:41
kyranfcbrake: could be23:43
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