Wednesday, 2016-04-20

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bhoomili2c-7 with i2cdetect command fail to detect slave device? does anybody have able get success to activate the i2c bus on minnowboard turbot?05:16
warthog9bhoomil: yup05:34
warthog9can you check i2cdetect -l05:35
warthog9and see if i2c-7 is the first designware i2c?05:35
bhoomilya it show me designware at 7 and 8 # bus05:35
warthog9that's a good sign, what device are you trying to find on the bus?05:36
bhoomilbut slave address not detect using i2cdetect - y 705:36
warthog9don't think that will work05:36
warthog9think you need a -r in there05:36
warthog9*goes to look*05:36
bhoomilletme see05:37
warthog9i2cdetect  -y -r 705:37
warthog9without the -r it's likely not going to return anything useful05:37
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bhoomilwhat in case if Synopsys DesignWare I2C adapter is located at i2c-0 and i2c-1 ?05:42
warthog9bhoomil: just change 7 to 005:43
warthog9I assume you are on Ubuntu in that case?05:43
warthog9what distro?05:43
bhoomilit is WindRiver IDP 3.0 based Linux05:43
warthog9I would have expected thta to enumerate to 705:43
warthog9either way if the designware is on i2c-0 and i2c-1, 0 is the LSE , 1 is on the HSE05:44
bhoomilso on low speed expansion header the PIN#13and PIN#15 are attached with i2c-0 adapter?????05:45
bhoomilI didn't understand " I would have expected thta to enumerate to 7"05:46
warthog9if i2cdetect -l lists the designware controllers at i2c-0 and i2c-1, then the LSE i2c pins 13 and 15 are on i2c-0 I.E. i2c bus 005:46
warthog9the bus numbering, under Linux, is dependent on what order the controllers get intialized, usually based on driver load order05:47
warthog9the LSE i2c tends to be at 705:47
warthog9but it's been known to bounce around, on Ubuntu it's 005:48
bhoomilso again same questuion i2cdetect  -y -r 0 didn't detect slave address...05:49
warthog9ok what device and how do you have it connected?05:53
bhoomilit is Maxim MAX31730 temp sensor which is I2C/SMbus based slave sensor05:54
bhoomilOn galileo gen 2 board it will be detectd05:55
bhoomilbut on Turbot.. I have problem05:55
warthog9what pins do you have it connected to while I read this?05:56
bhoomilPin #13 and Pin#15 .. SCL and SDA respectivly to the Sensor's SCL and SDA lines... as well as applied 3.3V and GND ...05:57
warthog9have you tried just querying the device at the expected address?05:57
warthog9there are a few i2c devices that are really smbus devices05:58
bhoomilyou mean i2cget and i2cset utility?05:58
bhoomilnot yet05:58
warthog9give it a shot05:58
warthog9and as a result don't respond to a non-smbus queries05:58
warthog9and since the designware controller doesn't support smbus properly (that's why you had to add -r to i2cdetect), it might just not be showing up05:58
warthog9yeah this is likely more smbus vs. raw i2c, I'd *GUESS* if you poke it at the address you are expecting it'll just work05:59
warthog9but it won't show up on i2cdetect05:59
warthog9had that problem with a gpio extender a while back, spent 3 days trying to figure out what I was doing wrong06:00
warthog9till I just tried reading from it06:00
warthog9and low and behold, just worked06:00
bhoomillet me see about the result of i2cget/set06:00
warthog9ohhhh I did note that, but it's kinda burried in that documentation06:01
warthog9i2cget return anything?06:02
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bhoomili2cget show me read error at specified address in the command syntax06:08
bhoomili2cget bus-number register_Addr data_byte b06:09
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bhoomili think it obvious because the those utlities are part of i2c-tools and they all are suing same code base06:10
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warthog9this is a surprisingly complex and interesting chip06:14
warthog9i2cget 0x38 0x10 b06:15
warthog9I think should get something06:15
warthog9assuming I'm reading this right06:15
warthog9or i2cget 0x38 0x00 b06:16
bhoomilNo the same chip Is working fine with Galileo gen 2 I2C bus06:17
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warthog9you have a MAX or a Turbot?06:18
warthog9should work06:18
bhoomilwith kernel version 3.14.4406:19
bhoomilWindRiver IDP Linux06:19
warthog9little old, but should work06:19
bhoomilbut not06:19
warthog9could try the other designware controller06:20
warthog9I suppose it's possible we are poking at the HSE vs. the LSE06:20
warthog9I've never seen it enumerate backwards like that06:21
warthog9but I suppose anything is possible06:21
bhoomilshould I try HSE i2c pins?06:22
bhoomiland access i2c-1??06:22
warthog9if nothing is plugged in there can't hurt anything to try06:23
warthog9(I'm just ruling out possibilities06:24
bhoomilhope so i2c-1 with HSE pin worked06:24
bhoomillet me try06:24
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warthog9bhoomil: ok I'm fading fast, if it doesn't work let me know, and I'll work on getting a couple of those chips in and on something that I can prototype with so I can try and figure out what's going on06:28
warthog9bhoomil: only other suggestion I could have is ask on the mailing list and I'll make sure prpplague and our other design engineer take a look see if I'm missing something06:30
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warthog9it could just be that the designware controller doesn't handle this correctly as it's being more smbus and less i2c06:30
warthog9anyway, I'll see what happened in the morning :-)06:32
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jbennet9Any issues with MinnowBoard Turbot running legacy MinnowBorad Max software that is known?15:22
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warthog9jbennet9: since the Turbot is based on the MAX, there's no known issues15:37
warthog9only real gotcha is that pin 26 changed in the LSE15:37
warthog9otherwise they run the same firmware, same OSes, etc15:37
jbennet9Thanks John15:43
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riz____Does anyone have any familiarity with desabling the sleep/power saving mode on the minnowboard turbot when using yocto/openembedded?19:25
kyranfin ze bios perhaps? have a looksie19:26
kyranfmaybe that only disables GPIO from acting as wake-from-sleep19:26
riz____Is it at all possble to control from the image build?19:28
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Guest52209Hi. Does anyone know what the safe CPU temperature limits for MB is?19:30
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kyranfGuest52209 only waited 7 minutes19:38
kyranfbefore leaving :(19:38
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riz____I couldnt see anything to disable sleeping in the BIOS. Any other suggestions?19:43
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kyranflook up how linux does power management i guess20:02
kyranfthere will be some pm-blah command, or some fancy kernel power management options20:03
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ahollerin case of the linux kernel, the fancy command is likely just an echo, like echo performance > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor20:44
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warthog9riz____: are you just trying to throttle up the cpu and leave it there?21:05
riz____I dont want it to ever go in sleep or power saving mode21:06
warthog9riz____: any particular reason?21:09
warthog9(pretty sure there's a kernel command line option, just trying to find it now)21:10
riz____It is an industrial application and I need the performance and I dont want the screen sleeping21:10
warthog9screen blanking?21:10
warthog9'cause disabling all the power management is going to spin EVERYTHING up21:11
warthog9and you'll be drawing something like 2.6A - 3A of power constantly21:11
warthog9just disabling the screen from blanking is easy21:11
warthog9(that goes on the kernel command line)21:12
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riz____Sorry, I am new to this. Where is the kernel command line?21:15
warthog9you add it to grub21:16
warthog9so the line that has initrd= etc etc21:16
warthog9you would add it there21:16
riz____Also, so you are saying that without disabling power management the processor will not run at full capacity?21:16
warthog9depending on your distro you might have to add it in an intermediate file as the grub config gets generated from the other files21:16
warthog9it will21:16
warthog9but it will only spin up to full capacity based on the system needs21:17
riz____Ahh. I see21:17
riz____Ok. IT is fine how it is then21:17
warthog9if you disable power management entirely you are going to chew a lot of cpu / heat / power doing a lot of nothing21:17
riz____I will just worry about screen blanking21:17
warthog9yeah, start there21:17
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warthog9disabling PM might also cause the cpu to get hot enough that it'll be forced to throttle21:18
warthog9which might not be desirable ;-)21:18
riz____Is there a way to do it pre-build in yocto?21:18
warthog9the console thing?21:18
riz____By appending a certain recipe21:18
warthog9clsulliv: --^21:18
riz____I don't want to have to manually do it for each board21:19
warthog9should be a way21:19
warthog9clsulliv would know for sure where to add it21:19
kyranfeven if you set up the options you want, just re-image/clone the SD card in its current state21:19
riz____I have seen a way with xserver21:19
kyranfand duplicate it to all production units21:19
warthog9yeah but it's easier to track (and not forget) if you get it into the build21:19
kyranfthats what I do with my raspberry pi fruit-sorting machines21:19
kyranfonly if you want to roll-your-own distro builds21:20
kyranfwhich is pretty intense for something simple like that21:20
riz____My only concern with me putting the change in xserver is if I do not use x11 then it wont take affect21:20
warthog9well it sounds like riz____ is already using yocto to build their own distro...21:20
riz____I am21:20
kyranfis yocto designed/ setup easily for that?21:21
kyranfi've never used yocto21:22
riz____I would say so21:22
riz____It certianly isnt easy as I am a beginner21:22
riz____But it is powerful in that sense21:22
kyranfI worked for a company that was using the BeagleBone (white, v1) as a baseline for a custom PCB controller board of their own, and we were using a custom compiled distro of ubuntu with realtime patches applied etc21:22
kyranfI wrote a serial interface for controlling one of the company's external devices using the BeagleBone CPU's built-in subprocessors in 32 Bit assembly21:23
kyranfwas an enlightening experience allround21:23
riz____Interesting. They did'nt run out of any resources using BB?21:24
kyranfThe user-level applications they were writing were basically acting as a sensor hub21:24
kyranfnot very intensive, really21:24
kyranfthink of the BB acting as a headless sensor node, which connects to x-tens of small sensor-like devices or user interface panels21:25
riz____Oh ok21:25
riz____very cool21:25
kyranfthe internet/network connection would then go to an enterprise level program to display/update controls/datalog21:25
kyranfit was pretty interesting working for them, seeing the entire R&D process and how it all came together21:26
kyranfi was in the hardware team though21:26
riz____Allrighty. My day is done. Gotta run. Thanks guys!21:28
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clsullivriz____: warthog9: APPEND += "stuff" to add to the kernel command line21:30
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clsullivI only know because I ran into it a week or so ago :p21:31
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