Friday, 2016-04-22

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jberkushey, I'm trying to boot a minnowboard with a custom OS image on an SD card.  it just keeps cycling through the UEFI firmware screens and he startup shell, though.  What am I likely doing wrong?16:36
tbris the custom OS image UEFI bootable?16:40
jberkusgood question.  how would I determine that?16:48
jberkussmaller problem: when I booted up, it didn't recognize a USB keyboard attached to an unpowered 4-port hub16:52
jberkusI had to attach the keyboard directly to the built-in usb16:52
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tbrdoes it have a EFI partition?17:00
jberkustrying over with installer iso on USB key17:08
jberkusUSB key also needs to be EFI?17:10
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tbryes, you can't boot anything that expects a legacy bios17:16
tbrat least not directly17:16
jberkuswell, I'm not quite sure what's going on17:16
jberkusthis is Fedora Atomic Host I'm trying to boot, btw17:16
reanguianoI just booted the Ubuntu 16.04 installer on this board yesterday. This got me to grub:17:19
reanguianoShell> fs0:17:19
reanguianofs0:\> EFI\BOOT\BOOTx64.EFI17:19
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jberkushmmm, "fs0 is not a correct mapping"17:21
reanguianomap -r will tell you what media is connected.17:21
jberkusI don't know how to read the output17:22
jberkusis there a beginner's guide to the startup shell somewhere?17:23
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reanguianoIf you scroll you'll see some sample output.17:24
reanguianoBut instead of running the update program, you'll want to run your OS's bootloader/kernel/whatever.17:25
jberkusso, I have devices BLK0-417:25
jberkusno fs#17:25
reanguianoSo try those. ls will should you the contents once you cd into them.17:26
jberkusfile not found17:27
jberkusfor all 5 of them17:27
reanguianoIf they are empty, try connect -r, then map -r, then try again.17:27
jberkuslooks the same17:28
reanguianoYou are reaching the end of my limited knowledge here.17:28
reanguianoHow is the USB key formatted?17:28
jberkusI reached the end of mine a while ago17:28
jberkusI just wrote an ISO to it17:28
jberkususing dd17:28
reanguianoI don't think that works, does it?17:29
jberkusoooh, not marked as bootable17:30
jberkusok, trying again17:30
reanguianoAt least with Ubuntu, you've got to pass a USB key, and an ISO image to program that takes the ISO and extracts the right bits the right way onto the USB.17:31
tbrdepends™, some ISOs are created in a way, that they also become bootable if written to USB17:32
reanguianoI've not really looked behind the scenes at what all it does if you wanted to do it all yourself manually. Partitions, flags, filesystems, files in the right places.17:32
jberkusdd should work17:33
reanguianotbr: I expect you are right.17:33
reanguianoWell, let us know if that works out.17:34
jberkusclearly there's something else missing,but I don't knwo what it is17:34
reanguianoThe usb key I used was vfat formatted. The ubuntu usb key maker tool dumped a bunch files in that filesystem.17:36
reanguianoThe boot flag is set. partition type is c.17:36
reanguiano   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System17:37
reanguiano/dev/sdc1   *        8064     7579647     3785792    c  W95 FAT32 (LBA)17:37
reanguianoUsed about 1/2 of this 4G stick.17:37
dvhartreanguiano, the problem is the UEFI shell doesn't list fs0: ?17:39
dvhartAnd this is a recent fedora image you're attempting to boot?17:39
reanguianodvhart: It's jberkus that is making the attempt.17:40
dvhartah, sorry17:40
reanguianono worries.17:40
* reanguiano has no fedora images here17:40
reanguianoJust ubuntu and some yocto-ish stuff.17:40
jberkusdvhart: fedora atomic host 2016042017:40
jberkusso yeah, recent17:41
jberkusI'm trying CentOS now to see if the issue is UEFI boot; I haven't been able to get help on fedora channels17:41
dvhartI'm not familiar with atomic host, how is that different from the fedora 23 sio?17:41
jberkusdvhart: it's a special spin of the OS just for running containers17:41
dvhartDo you know if it has UEFI support?17:41
jberkusiso should be structurally the same17:42
jberkusI have been unable to determine that17:42
reanguianoIs there an .EFI file on the image?17:42
dvhartFrom what I can tell, these atomic host images are intended to run virtualized.... so, not likely17:44
jberkusno, there's bare metal images17:44
dvhartjberkus, this: ?17:44
jberkusthe problem seems to be that the USB key isn't mounting at all17:44
dvhartah, I see ity17:44
dvhartgrabbing the iso17:44
jberkusfor that matter, neigher is the SD card ...17:44
jberkusso there's an EFI file, but no EFI partition.  does that matter?17:45
dvhartand you already tried connect -r and map -r ?17:45
dvhartno, that's OK (typical for ISOs)17:45
dvhartIs this a MAX or a TURBOT?17:45
jberkusyeah, I did17:47
dvhartAnd you have tried over USB and SD CARD?17:47
dvhartit is possible Fedora didn't make this a hybrid ISO17:47
dvhartwhich would be my guess17:48
dvhartThere are some special flags you need to pass to the iso generation tools to make this recognizeable to UEFI17:48
dvhartIf that's the case, you might be able to format a FAT32 USB stick and copy the contents from the ISO to the stick17:49
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dvhartI'm 50% done with the download17:49
dvhartwill have a look17:49
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jberkusok, I'm trying some other options17:50
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jberkusalso testing CentOS17:50
jberkusbut that's not a long term solution,because I want to bring this to Fedora Flock17:50
jberkusdvhart: one struggle I'm currently having is I have only 1 keyboard17:50
dvhartjberkus, is this the first OS you're attempting to use on your Turbot, or are you familiar with the boot process and just trying something new?17:51
jberkusit's the first17:51
dvhartjberkus, serial console?17:51
jberkusno, hdmi17:51
dvhartIf you have the serial cable, that makes working with it from your desktop much easier, and no switching keyboards17:51
dvhartOK, well before attempting to do something untested, I would suggest getting a known working image up and booted17:52
dvhartthen you're working from a known good state17:52
jberkusdvhart: feh, i threw out all that old hardware before I moved17:52
jberkusdvhart: angstrom?17:52
jberkusdvhart: I had every kind of cable known to man17:52
dvhartI would honestly just start with ubuntu, it's probably the one most often tested17:52
dvhartor just fedora23 workstation17:52
dvhartboth ISOs work just by dd to the stick17:53
jberkusdvhart: ok17:53
* reanguiano did not know you could dd (some) ISOs like that, learned something new17:53
dvhartI use a wrapper which makes sure I'm using the right target, optimizes the block size, and blacklists my OS disks :-)17:54
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dvharthere... I'll post it...17:54
reanguianoheh. sounds like the result of some bad experiences. :-)17:54
jberkusdvhart: does it matter which usb socket I use for the usb stick?17:55
dvhartjberkus, it should not17:55
dvhartif usb3 gives you trouble though, try 217:55
reanguianoI've been using something like this to talk to my minnowboard
reanguianoover serial that is.17:55
jberkusdvhart: I did notice that when I put my keyboard on a 4-port unpowered hub, it wasn't recognized17:55
dvhartunpowered hubs can be problematic :/17:56
dvhartPlease send a problem description to the mailing list on that17:56
dvhartcould be the hub17:57
dvhartcould be over power on the ports17:57
* reanguiano usually uses bs=1G for dd but hasn't tried to see if that's optimal17:58
dvhartthe point is just to reduce the system overhead and keep the buffer full18:00
dvhartI doubt it matters after 1M18:00
dvharthaven't tested though18:01
reanguiano1 byte at a time being the least optimal blocksize.18:01
dvhartright :-)18:01
jberkusconfirmed that the issue is fedora not being uefi bootable18:03
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dvharthrm.... jberkus it seems to have all the right bits18:05
jberkusbecause the CentOS image just booted, no issues18:06
dvhart$ df -h /dev/sdh118:06
dvhartFilesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on18:06
dvhart/dev/sdh1       815M  815M     0 100% /media/dvhart/Fedora-23-x86_6418:06
dvhart$ find /media/dvhart/Fedora-23-x86_64/ -name "*.efi"18:06
dvhart /media/dvhart/Fedora-23-x86_64/EFI/BOOT/grubx64.efi18:06
jberkuswell, except that the media chech failed18:06
dvhart /media/dvhart/Fedora-23-x86_64/EFI/BOOT/MokManager.efi18:06
dvhartmedia check schmedia check18:06
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dvhartI'll attempt a boot on my minnow.... mythtv shouldn't be recording anything right now anyway...18:07
dvhartSo this media seems to boot for me18:12
dvhartIf I select EFI USB from the Boot Manager, it loads the menu to install or check media18:13
jberkushmmm, I don't know what's wrong then18:14
jberkusthe ISO?18:14
dvhartyes, I just used dd via the script I posted avoce18:15
jberkusdvhart: FYI, my goal is to create an atomic cluster in a box18:15
dvhartTry another USB stick?18:16
jberkususing 4 minnowboards18:16
dvhartFun :-)18:16
jberkusdvhart: yeah, maybe the one which just worked for CentOS18:16
dvhartNah, keep that one!18:16
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* dvhart knows a little bit about minnow clusters18:16
jberkusoooo, that's nice18:17
dvhartWas a fun project :)18:18
jberkusyeah, I was wondering about cases18:18
jberkusI figured I'd have to desing my own18:19
dvhartIf it's only 4 boards, just using stand-offs and stacking them is a reasonable approach, especialy to demo it - nice to see all the bits18:19
jberkusI'm concerned about all the cables, though18:20
dvhartI think that's what the suse guys did when modeling a 1995 supercomputer with 6 minnowboards18:20
reanguianoCool. At which conference was that g+ pic taken dvhart?18:21
dvhartthat was ELCE 2015, Dublin18:21
jberkusdvhart: sadly, I don't have my ceramic studio set up yet18:21
jberkusor I'd do a ceramic case18:21
dvhartjberkus, er... well insulated I guess?18:22
jberkusdvhart: yah, and heatproof18:22
jberkusand colorful!18:22
* reanguiano should have made his way to San Diego for ELC earlier this year18:22
jberkusbut, I'll need to look at 3D-printing something18:22
jberkusdvhart: oh, damn, that's nicely simple!18:24
dvhartAfter this I like simple....18:25
reanguianoheh #6 in 1993. Fun.18:25
dvhartreanguiano, right? :-)18:25
reanguianoI ran openssl speed rsa for a quick and dirty benchmark number. minnowboard is ~7x as fast as a dell desktop I picked up in mid-2000.18:28
reanguianoand a 1/4 the speed of a 2012 era xeon. not bad.18:30
reanguianoeh, a little less than 1/4. still not bad.18:30
dvhartThe Bay Trail CPU was the beginning of the new Atom. I've been really pleased with it.18:31
dvhartA little weak on GPU, but otherwise very capable.18:31
jberkusdvhart: anyway, the minnowboard is really nice for me, because I need to use software which doesnt' ahve a reliable ARM port.18:32
jberkuslike Docker18:32
dvhartThat's the advantage of IA we worked to bring to the embedded space18:33
dvhartlove to hear stories of that paying off! Thanks.18:33
jberkusdvhart: hopefully I'll have a flashy demo you can include on your blog within the month18:35
jberkusmy goal is for this to be my roadshow package18:35
jberkusand we'll be raffling off one of the boards with accessories at DockerCon18:35
dvhartVery cool :)18:36
jberkusdvhart: also, if it works I may keep one around for just me; I need a local cloud18:36
dvhartPlease do send us updates18:36
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jberkusdvhart: i see one of the issues; it can only read an SD if it's FAT32?20:06
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