Monday, 2016-04-25

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riz___I am noticing that sometimes when I boot my minnowboard turbot the image doesnt show on the screen. I have to cycle the power a few times and it seems to randomly work. FYI I am using HDMI. Has anyone experienced this problem?19:46
clsullivriz---: are you using a KVM? I have had problems on my Turbot while using a KVM19:48
clsullivriz___: ^19:48
riz___I am just running yocto on it19:48
riz___In addition, sometimes it recofnizes my bootable SD card and sometimes now19:49
clsullivs:KVM:KVM switch:19:49
riz___When I say not, it is maybe 1 out of every 50 boots19:49
riz___clsulliv: What does that mean?19:50
clsullivbasically an adapter that lets you plug multiple machines into one video port on your monitor19:50
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riz___I don't have that19:57
riz___found a bug here:
yoctiBug 7027: normal, Medium, A4 Release, david.anders, IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION , Connecting HDMI cable to the Minnowboard Max doesn't get the monitor ON19:58
clsullivriz___: that supposedly should be fixed on the Turbot20:02
clsullivprpplague: ping20:02
riz___Not for me20:02
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riz___bluelightning: Do you know how to stop the screen from blanking in yocto?20:06
bluelightningriz___: under X or in a terminal?20:08
riz___bluelightning: And to rotate the screen for that matter20:09
riz___I am not sure what is causing it to blank20:09
riz___Lets say both I guess20:09
prpplagueclsulliv: pong20:14
clsullivprpplague: I haven't been up to date on minnow stuff, have you seen HDMI issues on the Turbot?20:24
prpplagueclsulliv: no i haven't seen any issues with HDMI on turbot20:27
prpplagueclsulliv: the only issues we have had reported were due to crappy HDMI cables20:27
prpplagueclsulliv: a bunch of the cheap ones don't have peoperly grounded shield20:28
prpplagueclsulliv: so you get some transiants20:28
riz___It is odd that the person who reported the bug with the same problem was also using yocto like me20:28
clsullivprpplague: alright, thanks20:28
clsullivriz___: the MAX had REALLY BAD hdmi issues though20:29
riz___Yeah, I have a turbot so IDK20:29
prpplagueriz___: the bug report listed above was one associated with minnowboard max20:29
clsullivit was independent of OS, e.g., even the firmware wouldnt show up20:29
prpplagueriz___: that specific issue was fixed on minnowboard turbot20:29
riz___I can try a new hdmi I guess20:29
prpplagueriz___: by adding the correct level shifters20:29
riz___Is it possible to stop the minnow from ever sleeping?20:30
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