Thursday, 2016-04-28

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freqjust got the zero on battery with the irc channel in the background that it serves00:23
freqoh, and a turbot on the left :p00:23
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ALicinioi'm trying to play with GPIO but no success :( on Turbot with adafruit gpio library, i have an error  File "build/bdist.linux-x86_64/egg/Adafruit_GPIO/", line 426, in get_platform_gpio11:34
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anemos_technologhello, we are drones manufacturer specialized in long range systems12:29
anemos_technologDo you know where we can purchase the drone_lure board ?12:30
anemos_technologand we would like to know if some benchmark have been conducted to compare the gpio speed capabilities of the minnowboard and the rpi ?12:36
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warthog9anemos_technolog: don't know if anyone's got any for sale per-se, but if you e-mail me I'd love to discuss it (and I'll see if I can rustle up a couple)14:10
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anemos_technologhas anybody succeded in using the minnowboard gpio with C ?14:35
anemos_technologwithout it I can not see how the drone_lure board could be usable14:36
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nicohoopjoin #ekla15:32
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ALiciniois anyone had success with gpio on minnowboard ? impossible to change the value in /sys/class/gpio !16:05
ALicinioeven with echo 1 > value the value stays at 016:06
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clsullivALicinio: make sure the direction is correct16:58
ALicinioclsulliv: thanks, yes it is ! we tried to make a bash script to check is with a loop we can write/check if value goes at 1 but no success16:59
ALicinioclsulliv: either another program handle the value before us or i don't know16:59
ALicinioclsulliv: do you think we have to change kernel ?16:59
clsullivAlicinio: I think if you have the gpio sysfs interface the kernel should be fine17:03
clsullivthe only other thing I can think of is if the pin isn't configured as gpio17:03
ALicinioclsulliv: yes and i can only export the right gpio (as noticed in the wiki) so i guess i can access to it, and i can change the direction17:04
ALicinioclsulliv: aaah how to know that or how to change it to gpio ?17:04
clsullivALicinio: should be configurable in firmware, I don't think I ever found out how to change it from user or kernel space17:06
clsullivwhich pin is it?
ALicinioi tried 21 22 and 2517:07
ALicinioclsulliv: i tried 21 22 2517:07
ALicinioclsulliv: sorry 21 23 2517:07
ALicinioimpossible to change the value for the 317:07
clsullivI believe those ones are configured as gpio by default, so that probably isn't the issue...17:08
ALicinioclsulliv: i tried also with that the export is ok but that's all17:08
ALicinioclsulliv: ahh !!17:08
ALicinioclsulliv: if you have idea i can test now don't hesitate :)17:09
clsullivALicinio: can you set the gpio to in, connect it to ground, and read the value?17:14
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ALicinioclsulliv: i set direction in, it is ok but value is 0 even in standard mode and even with plugged into the ground17:19
ALicinioclsulliv: should i have to change other parameters such as active_low edge or ueevent ?17:22
clsullivALicinio: if it starts at 0 try connecting it to 3.3v17:22
clsullivsee if it flips17:22
ALicinioclsulliv: aaah it works with pin25 !! direction in17:23
ALicinioclsulliv: when plugged to ground 0 when unplugged 117:23
clsullivALicinio: great!17:24
ALicinioso why in out mode it doesn't work17:24
clsullivI'm thinking in out you can't read the value, only set it17:24
clsullivALicinio: ^17:24
clsullivIf you have something that can safely take 3.3v you can test it17:25
ALiciniowhat did you mean ?17:26
ALicinioi have a led + resistor for out17:26
clsullivALicinio: That should work. Try toggling the gpio while the direction is set to out with that setup.17:29
ALicinioclsulliv: sorry i don't understand, you mean i connect the pin to ground and set direction to out while plugged ?17:33
ALicinioclsulliv: really thanks to you for helping me, it doesn't work...i'm sure we're close !!!17:40
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clsullivAlicinio: I believe you need it setup like this: GPIO -> resistor -> LED -> ground. I haven't worked with hardware in a year though, so don't quote me on that :p17:42
clsullivAlso the LED has to be in the right direction... I don't remember which17:42
ALicinioclsulliv: :D ok ok17:42
ALicinioyes i did17:43
ALiciniobut why even if nothing is plugged i can't modify value to 1 in out direction ?17:43
clsullivALicinio: I believe the value property is only for when the GPIO is an input17:45
clsullivso if something else is driving the GPIO (e.g., a button) and you want to get the state17:45
clsullivas when you are using it as an output the value can be tracked through software17:46
ALicinioyes u're right, in that mode it works, i mean when direction is set to in but not when set to out17:48
clsullivALicinio: I think that's just how the gpio sysfs interface works unfortunately17:52
ALicinioclsulliv: do you think the card is broken ? about gpio ?17:53
clsullivNo no17:53
clsullivI think you just can't read the 'value' property while the direction is set to out17:54
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clsullivMaybe I'm wrong17:54
clsullivlet me do some research17:55
ALicinioclsulliv: thanks a lot17:55
clsullivALicinio: hmm, looks like I was wrong, I'm able to change the direction and read the value17:56
clsullivroot@intel-corei7-64:/sys/devices/platform/INT33FC:02/gpio/gpio340# echo out > direction17:58
clsullivroot@intel-corei7-64:/sys/devices/platform/INT33FC:02/gpio/gpio340# cat value17:58
clsullivroot@intel-corei7-64:/sys/devices/platform/INT33FC:02/gpio/gpio340# echo 1 > value17:58
clsullivroot@intel-corei7-64:/sys/devices/platform/INT33FC:02/gpio/gpio340# cat value17:58
clsullivALicinio: I doubt this is the issue since you can read the correct value when the direction is 'in' but does your kernel have PINCTRL_BAYTRAIL=y?18:00
ALicinioclsulliv: I FOUND !!!18:02
ALicinioclsulliv: with my colleague anemos_technolog  we connected a voltmeter, in fact when you set 1 the output voltage is 3.3V but value in sys stays at 0, and when set value at 0, the voltage drops to 0 but value too18:03
ALicinioi did not see it with the led because the intensity was too low !!18:04
ALiciniomaybe just a little issue no ?18:04
ALicinioclsulliv: what is your kernel ?18:04
ALicinio3.13 for me18:05
ALiciniodo you think i have to upgrade mine ?18:05
ALicinioclsulliv: so output amp for gpio is very limited that's just why18:06
anemos_technologclsulliv : do you know what is the max amp delivered by the gpio ?18:07
clsullivanemos_technolog: I don't, sorry. Look for warthog9 or prpplague, they're usually in here and would know18:09
clsullivALicinio: You don't necessarily *need* to upgrade your kernel, you can always track the value through software. That is a non-lts kernel though, so there are probably vulnerabilities18:10
anemos_technologif [ ! -d /sys/class/gpio/gpio$LED1 -o ! -d /sys/class/gpio/gpio$LED2 ]; then18:10
anemos_technolog echo $LED1 > /sys/class/gpio/export18:10
anemos_technolog echo $LED2 > /sys/class/gpio/export18:10
anemos_technologif [ ! -d /sys/class/gpio/gpio$LED1 -o ! -d /sys/class/gpio/gpio$LED2 ]; then18:10
anemos_technolog echo "Failed to export GPIOs"18:10
anemos_technolog echo "Are the pins setup as PWM? If so, try"18:10
anemos_technolog exit 118:10
anemos_technologclsulliv : warthog9 is out, we will ask him tomorrow18:10
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ALicinioclsulliv: thanks alot for your support :D18:21
clsullivALicinio: glad to help!18:22
ALicinioclsulliv: do you tthink it is better to upgrade to a low latency kernel ?18:22
clsullivALicinio: No idea, sorry18:25
ALicinioi will try low latency18:27
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coolstar-chromehi, just wondering, can Minnowboard Turbot work with EDK2 upstream master?19:16
coolstar-chrome(referring to this:
coolstar-chromeI saw that works on Minnowboard MAX but I could only find Minnowboard turbot as available for sale19:17
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