Saturday, 2016-04-30

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CuriousCoywolfmy friend said that Intel shelved the Atom family. is that true for embedded SoCs too or do we not know?07:12
dememorizedCuriousCoywolf: From what I can find, it's only confirmed true for the phone and tablet SoCs07:55
CuriousCoywolfoh okay :)07:55
anemos_technologWe want to use the minnowboard on board of a drone. The flight stabilisation issue is solved by the drone_lure board. However the video broadcast problem is not solved08:48
anemos_technologthe rpi propose a very handy csi camera that offers a very low latency solution, the minnowboard doesn't propose any solution08:49
anemos_technologthe ideal would be to have a very low latency wifi yet light and small camera. Does anybody here know such a camera ?08:50
tbrwhy not a USB camera?09:03
anemos_technologtbr : why not but it could not be mounted on camera gimbal because the cable is too thick09:05
tbrUSB goes through 4 wires and if they don't need to be very long, they can be quite thin09:06
anemos_technologthat's a wonderful idea, do you know if such a short, flat and thin cable is available in the market ?09:07
tbrI'm sure there are plenty of suitable cables. get one and heat up your soldering iron09:08
tbrheck, you could probably get away with an old headphone cable09:09
tbrsome of those are 4 wire09:09
anemos_technologsuch a camera does the trick :*Version*=1&*entr...09:10
anemos_technologthanks tbr for the suggestion09:13
tbrlooks like a thick cable. you can probably replace it with something much thinner09:14
tbrcould look for a USB extension cable with very thin lead.09:14
tbrthen you'd only need to attach one side and could shorten it to your need09:15
anemos_technologOh I was fooled by the image on the bottom left and didn't see it was a normal thick cable09:18
anemos_technologthere is such a solution :
anemos_technologbut there is still a need of soldering09:18
anemos_technologthis is not the problem of soldering but we need something that looks more professional09:19
tbrbuy a normal webcam that can be opened, fit the new cable, ..., profit!09:19
anemos_technologyes that would do the trick09:48
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