Monday, 2016-05-02

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elkhi, when using the Minnowboard Max Turbot with different operating systems the RTL8111 nic is being enumerated at different locations on the PCI bus, I wanted to know the location of the RTL8111 on the PCI bus so I know which OS is enumerating the NIC incorrectly16:00
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elkI guess I can post my question to the mailing list16:18
tbris more likely to get answered, yes16:27
elkok cool, I'm posting to the mailing list now, thanks16:38
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warthog9trying to think of how the pci bus would enumerate differently depending on the OS based on what elk was suggesting22:08
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prpplaguewarthog9: same as with the i2c, it depends on which ones get added in what sequence22:18
kyranf_should be hardware related no OS related22:18
kyranf_BIOS-level stuff22:18
kyranf_but i'm just guessing, that's only my opinion22:19
prpplaguekyranf_: yea, they are using a different bios22:19
prpplaguekyranf_: not the stock uefi that ships with turbot22:19
kyranf_well, that's an issue for them..22:19
kyranf_hard to support any random BIOS22:19
kyranf_an issue would be if devices fail to enumerate on the PCI bus, not just what order surely22:20
kyranf_how would order be important?22:20
prpplagueusually for resource allocation such as IRQ's22:22
prpplaguedifferent order, different irq assigned22:22
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kyranf_fair enough22:33
prpplaguekyranf_: you'll find on the legacy x86 stuff, that the drivers and such are very "brittle", meaning that are usually written around one reference platform, and most everyone duplicates that configuration... stray too far from the reference platform, and things break quickly22:35
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kyranf_prpplague:  yeah fair enough. good old hard-coding23:08
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