Wednesday, 2016-05-04

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ALicinioafter annoucement from intel about atom processor, does it means something for the minnowboard ?13:34
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freqthere is a turbot with the E3836 now?13:52
UlrikeIt looks like they're still keeping 1 line of atom cpus, so maybe it'd just get moved to that? *shrugs*13:52
ALicinioi hope14:10
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freqit's over #200 on amazon14:13
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tbrgiven that doesn't know such a part and the ADI page says e3826, I'd go with typo 2→314:31
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warthog9ALicinio: the announcements don't affect anything going on with us17:25
warthog9MAX / Turbot is based on the byt-i, which is the long life part, so that's going to be around for a while yet17:26
warthog9and we are still here doing open hardware development boards17:26
warthog9and yeah, no such thing as the e3836, e = embedded, 3 = (don't know actually), 8 = series, [0124] = number of cpu cores, with 0 being 2 but with no graphics, last digit = rough speed17:27
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freqjust reporting that17:39
freqsomeone is trying to say they have an upgrade and are charging over $50 more than the original price17:40
warthog9yeah, not a lot to go on there17:44
prpplaguefreq: upgrade?17:45
prpplaguefreq: link?17:45
warthog9claiming a 3836 ;-)17:45
warthog9which would be a 3 core board if it existed17:46
prpplagueyea i think that is just a typo17:47
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freqbut the price17:57
prpplaguefreq: i suspect they would simply just order it from mouser and then ship it to the customer, hehe17:58
prpplaguefreq: happens all the time17:58
prpplaguefreq: back during the great beaglebone black crisis, people were selling bbb's on amazon for $15017:59
ALiciniowarthog9: glad to hear that :D future board could handle i3 ? like very powerfull minnowboard18:03
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kyranf_warthog9:  did you see what I just posted before? It got angry that my nickname is already in use so i'm not sure it sent anything18:18
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warthog9ALicinio: the power supply would be a LOT bigger ;-)19:44
warthog9kyranf_: posted on?19:44
warthog9kyranf_: I'm not seeing it, what was the question?19:45
* warthog9 is pleasantly meeting free for another 1.25hrs19:45
* k4jh schedules webex with warthog919:45
warthog9is webex the one that allows delivery of remote shocks? ;-)19:46
warthog9it would be a boring meeting, I'm just sitting here doing layout on a board19:47
k4jhit allows for screen sharing.19:48
freqid like to see dat19:48
warthog9k4jh: not as much fun ;-)19:49
k4jhit depends on what you share, actually.19:49
ALiciniowarthog9: yeaaaah but quite awesome to do what a nuc does but with what a minnow does :D !!19:51
ds2layout? is this project likely to survive the current storm?19:54
warthog9ALicinio: I doubt we could get the form factor the same19:54
warthog9we'd probably end up about the same size as a nuc19:54
warthog9and for roughly the same price overall19:54
ALiciniowarthog9: ahh yes u're right19:55
ALiciniowarthog9: 2x atom in same card, possible ?19:56
k4jhso, pardon my question, and I might be missing a lot of context, but if it's going to be the same as a NUC in price and form factor, what would be different?19:56
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warthog9k4jh: only real difference would be the access to the low speed i/o20:01
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warthog9k4jh: and open hardware20:07
kyranf_warthog9:  sorry by "posted" i meant written here on the IRC. I asked:  do you know offhand what the power consumption (on the 5V input) the Minnowboard MAX/Turbot typically sees?20:11
kyranf_Numbers for worst-case (100% load) is fine.. i'm assuming it's 300ma-1000ma somewhere20:11
warthog9kyranf_: at the barrel jack?20:15
warthog9or through something like an LSE pin?20:15
kyranf_at the barrel jack (5V input)20:16
warthog9think the most I've seen is just under 3A20:16
kyranf_"500mA (core)"20:16
prpplaguetypical is under 3A, but that is also dependent on what lures you have attached20:16
kyranf_that's the bit I needed20:16
kyranf_thanks mate20:16
prpplaguethe barrel jack itself is rated at a max of 5A20:17
kyranf_the guy on the mailing list "Douglas" recently mentioned he put windows 10 on this MBT20:17
warthog9should be doable20:18
kyranf_and later he messaged/posted on the intel realsense dev forums that i'm on, and mentioned he was going to run a MBT  + Intel R200 3D sensor20:18
kyranf_which is exactly what i've done on my setup20:18
kyranf_with an mSata SSD20:18
warthog9you running Linux or Windows?20:18
kyranf_windows 10 desktop build20:18
kyranf_not IoT20:19
freqput osx on it :p20:19
kyranf_in fact, you dont even need IoT if you get one of the more recent Windows Insider builds20:19
warthog9freq: we do not officially support OS X and I point out their licensing would probably preclude doing that20:19
freq:p yea20:19
warthog9on an unrelated note, we do have a very nice open source firmware20:19
kyranf_as you would know, and have mentioned to others, the recent additions to Universal Windows Platform drivers allows a desktop app to interface easily to GPIO drivers etc20:19
freqwarthog9: truth20:20
warthog9kyranf_: did that drop finally?  I know you were looking into that a few weeks back20:20
kyranf_yeah, it's still for insider-builds only though20:21
kyranf_it's not mainstream20:21
warthog9kyranf_: I don't suppose I could convince you to write up some of that info on ?20:21
kyranf_not yet warthog920:21
warthog9I just know at some point I'm going to remember this for unrelated reasons, and go looking ;-)20:22
freqi need a taller case for my turbot so i can add the wifi lure20:22
kyranf_i have the insider builds on my laptop dev platform and can write the app but i have yet to get the MBT to update itself into the insider build20:22
kyranf_so therefore i have yet to do the final proof20:22
freqwarthog9: the half case is nice, i'm gonna want a top on mine though20:22
warthog9freq: think someone on thingiverse made one20:23
freqi think i will enclose the gpio and not use em much20:23
freqwarthog9: *looking*20:25
freqwarthog9: i see a very large one20:26
freqand it looks like there is an exhaust fan on its butt20:26
* freq lawls at the trailer case20:27
freqit's cool, but i have very little desk space20:28
freqthat's not affordable :/20:29
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ka6soxfreq, agreed20:48
freqit's nice, i'd give $35 on a sunny day20:49
freqthat guy is capitalizing20:50
ka6soxI'd go $5021:02
kyranf_yeah I agree on the outrageous price for the tacklebox21:05
freqnice name tho21:07
freqbut why is the fish in the tacklebox21:07
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* freq goes away and makes a case 23:57

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