Tuesday, 2016-05-10

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inakihello all13:24
freqall isn't here13:24
inakiI have been fighting against the minnowmax edk2 building system both on linux and windows and have struggled in a lot of parts; I finally got it to compile but I met GenFv problems. This is when I include source_debug_enable ( in capitals ) to enable serial port debugging. Is this channel for development help on minnowmax also ? if it is not, any other place to ask for these questions ? Thanks in13:29
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georgeminaki: I gave up on edk2 and started using u-boot. It's sooo much easier to build.14:30
freqi gave up on judaism14:33
freqso much easier to collect pinecones14:35
georgemif you like wasting your time, have fun14:36
freqhi there14:38
inakigeorgem: yeah, but I need to do uefi debugging14:45
georgemmy condolences14:46
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inakigeorgem: lol, yes, I have been doing this several days now and I am really upset with how broken edk2 ( at least for minnowmax ) building is, broken in so many ways14:48
inakibut I need uefi debugging...14:48
georgeminaki: sounds like you're farther along than I was before I gave up but if you haven't tried already build with a linux distro/release that is known to produce a working build. I suspect it won't work unless you have exactly the same toolchain used whoever managed to get a working build14:51
inakiI have tried gcc4.8 on linux and 3 different toolchains on windows, with two different versions of edk214:53
inakisome say 0.78 happens to be buildable14:54
inakiI am just in the last part where the rom file is going to be assembled and had to edit PlatformPkg.fdf to get rid of recovery and recovery2 parts, which was a rednecky thing to do, probably, but even with that, I end up with an error because the resulting image doesn't fit into 4MB14:55
inakiand I know minnowmax is 8MB size in flash, but changing base offset and size of total rom image seems like too much, almost sure it won't work14:56
inakidoesn't intel try their own building system ? I am a bit puzzled with this, honestly14:57
inakiI'll send an email to the mailing list and see what happens...14:58
inakithank you georgem14:58
georgeminaki: np. yeah. send out an email asking for the exact distro release, toolchain and edk2 version combinations known to work15:00
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nemosHello, will the minnowboard continue to be supported as it is not the case for the intel atom smartphone processors ?16:53
prpplaguenemos: the recent announcements from intel about mobile atom chips does not affect the minnowboard project as the industrial versions of atom are what is used on the max and turbot16:57
prpplaguenemos: http://www.xda-developers.com/intel-myths-debunked-atom-is-not-dead-and-not-leaving-mobile/16:58
nemosprpplague ok thanks for your answer, but a product discontinuance is not a good signal for the rest of the product family17:16
warthog9nemos: apples to organes17:17
prpplaguenemos: completely different animals17:17
warthog9within the Atom branding there's a number of different bins of SoCs17:17
warthog9mobile was one, Industrial (which is what the MAX / Turbot uses, and the sku's we tend to favor) is another, Server is another bin17:18
warthog9the various bins are all owned by different business units, and just generally share the marketing moniker of Atom17:19
warthog9mobile going away doesn't mean changes to the other bins, despite what the press has misinterpreted and reported17:20
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*** warthog9 changes topic to "MinnowBoard - Open Source Hardware w/ Intel Atom! http://www.minnowboard.org | wiki http://wiki.minnowboard.org | Turbot information now on the wiki | If we don't respond please go to the mailing list"17:22
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ALicinioHi all, anyone is aware about Drone Lure ? Can't find a marketplace where i can buy it, product is awesome, if anyone knows i appreciate, thanks folks17:42
prpplagueALicinio: it's released as an open source design available for anyone to manufacturer17:49
prpplagueALicinio: no one currently offers it for sale via distribution channels17:50
prpplagueALicinio: all of the design files are up on the wiki, so you can download them and take them to something like macrofab for assembly17:51
nemosprpplague : do you know if someone from intel could bring some support to it, especially for the apm part ?17:53
prpplaguenemos: full support has been pushed into the drone code17:54
nemosprpplague : where can I find a discussion forum on it ? the drone code is only the global repository of all the drone related open source projects17:56
prpplaguenemos: i'll have to look17:57
prpplaguenemos: i don't have any links handy17:59
nemosso far the only person to have implemented a drone with drone_lure is a brazilian guy who posted a video on youtube, no other information are available17:59
prpplaguenemos: if you'll post the question the mailing list, i'll have the software guys that did the support respond18:00
prpplaguenemos: yea the "brazilian guy" is the intel employee who did the software support for the design18:00
prpplaguenemos: i did the core hardware design18:00
nemos thanks, could you give me the link of the mailing list ?18:01
nemosany chance to contact this brazilian guy directly ?18:02
prpplaguenemos: post to the list and i'll have him respond18:02
prpplaguenemos: http://lists.elinux.org/mailman/listinfo/elinux-minnowboard18:02
nemosI will definitly18:03
nemosprpplague : I'll have also questions for you concerning the hardware part, but I'll write them on the mailing list18:05
prpplaguenemos: that's fine18:05
prpplaguenemos: or post here and wait for answers, hehe18:05
prpplaguenemos: as i will answer as i free time18:05
nemosprpplague : thank you for your awesome work18:05
nemosok then I'll try18:06
prpplaguenemos: hehe thanks!18:06
nemosI was in touch with warthog9 to examine the possibility of putting a radio module on the drone_lure18:06
nemosthat would reduce a bit the number of necessary cables connection18:07
nemosand improve the reliability of the radio communication as there won't be any PPM signal necessary anymore18:08
nemosprpplague : Thanks for your support, the questions have been posted to the mailing list18:17
nemosprpplague : how much time do you think it will take before getting a feedback?18:17
prpplaguenemos: probably tomorrow18:18
nemosprpplague : that's perfect18:19
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ALicinioprpplague: thanks a lot we did ask for several quotes from suppliers to produce the board18:36
ALicinioprpplague: if u're the hardware designer why not sell it from your website or marketplace ? because what u did is awesome18:37
prpplagueALicinio: one sec on a call18:42
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ALicinioprpplague: np18:52
prpplagueALicinio: i am an intel employee, and the design was done as part of the open source hardware project for minnowboard.org18:53
prpplagueALicinio: minnowboard.org doesn't actually manufactur anything, third party developers take the design and then do manufaturering18:53
prpplagueALicinio: so it's up to them to pick it up and do something with it18:54
prpplagueALicinio: there has been a lot of demand for the drone lure, so i know there are a couple companies considering doing variations on the design and making it available18:54
ALicinioprpplague: ok, does intel could provide support ?18:55
prpplagueALicinio: support in what way? support for minnowboard.org designs are usually provided by the community, and through minnowboard itself18:56
prpplagueALicinio: as well as through the manufacturer of the design18:56
prpplagueALicinio: sorry got to run to a meeting, bbiab18:56
ALicinioprpplague: i understand, thx. do you know if future dev on new lure could be with audio capabilities ? i mean audio lure with 8in 8out for examples ? or for such a peoject like that community could help us to design it ?18:58
prpplagueALicinio: there is an audio lure in the works, however, the primary factor that has lead to the long development cycle was to make sure all the software was functional in the mainline kernel and other OSes19:35
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ALicinioprpplague: wooooow that's interesting. May i ask how much inputs and outputs per lure ? and when can we expect it ?21:11
prpplagueALicinio: i don't have the details handy21:12
prpplagueALicinio: ping me tomorrow and i will check in on it21:12
ALicinioprpplague: big thanks :D21:12
ALicinioprpplague: any news in a ULTIMATE minnow ? with i3 or i5 low voltage21:14
* prpplague is not authorized to comment on such items21:15
ALicinioprpplague: ok ok ahhaha btw minnow is so great compare to many many others soooo cooooool21:16
prpplagueALicinio: hehe thanks21:16
ALicinioprpplague: ARM is nice and opened a new path but complicated for some projects and dependencies and blabla aaaaaaah feeling hairly hair ! so minnow with intel solve a lot ! NUC is nice too but monnow is better for pro things but less cpu for some appliances21:28
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