Wednesday, 2016-05-11

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ALiciniodoes anybody know if we can run debian over minnowboard ?17:04
warthog9ALicinio: yup17:05
warthog9anything Linux with a 3.14 or newer kernel should (generally) just work17:05
warthog9the * on the statement applies to the low speed i/o, as not all shipping distro kernels enable all the spi, i2c, gpio, etc17:05
ALiciniowarthog9: ok good 'cause i can't boot over a f**** live usb w/ debian, DUNNO WHY17:05
ALiciniowarthog9: thanks17:06
warthog9ALicinio: does the live usb image (1) have an efi compatible partition / layout and (2) 64-bit (assuming you are still running the stock firmware)17:06
ALiciniowarthog9: yeaaaah i guess, i use same over a NUC so it should work, i did with unetbootin, dd but i will try with another things17:07
warthog9ALicinio: if you point me at a download link I can snag it and try it at work today17:08
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freqtrust in the turbot. the turbot is your friend17:23
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ALiciniofreq:     :D17:36
freqCPU~Dual core Intel Atom E3826 (-MCP-) speed/max~1438/1466 MHz Kernel~4.5.0-2-amd64 x86_64 Up~7 days Mem~793.0/1906.0MB HDD~3240.7GB(17.4% used) Procs~188 Client~Shell inxi~2.2.2817:38
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ALiciniowarthog9: wow sorry to disturb you guys but impossible to boot from any usb drive with debian live on it, i'm going to become crazy !! i spent 3 hours on it19:12
ALiciniodo you have any commands to check if the drive is good or well installed, i spent time on stackoverflow and i'm out of ideas19:12
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bcranI noticed there's both and (which incorrectly states that you can't buy it)19:24
bcranDo we want both, or should we remove one copy?19:24
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freqmight be moving this turbot over to arch today19:31
warthog9bcran: copy/paste error on my part on the not available19:38
warthog9bcran: the Lures page gets used as an overview, specifics go on the individual page19:38
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bcranwarthog9: ah, thanks. So, should there be a link on the overview page to the more specific page?20:33
prpplaguebcran: correct20:38
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warthog9thought there was, did I screw that up too?20:47
prpplaguewarthog9: no it's there, just doesn't look like a link20:48
warthog9huh, wonder why20:48
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