Thursday, 2016-05-12

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bcranah, I see the link now00:58
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ds2is the turbot board fully compatible with the minnowmax?06:34
ds2and is there any place that is still legitimately selling the minnowmax?06:34
ALiciniods2: what do you mean about legitimately ?06:49
ds2ALicinio: trying to avoid sketchy resellers or bad unauthorized clones06:57
ds2neither Mouser nor Digikey show MinnowMax'es being available anymore06:57
ALiciniods2: aaah you mean for the max06:59
ALiciniods2: netgate too, turbot is the replacement, complicated to find the older one07:00
ds2ALicinio: is it fully compatible?07:13
ALiciniods2: i'm not an expert but i gues yes, warthog9 is better to answer you about that07:13
ds2ALincinio: thanks. IIRC - he's on US time... will ask later07:14
tbrds2: in my understanding it's fully compatible, SoC from same family, but IIRC slightly better. Also some HW issues of the max have been addressed (e.g. HDMI)07:24
tbroh and they changed one pin on the LSE port07:24
ALiciniods2: turbot is great i have one07:27
tbrds2: - has details about differences/fixes07:40
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tbr also mentions some. interestingly it mentions CEC, while the turbot page doesn't... warthog9 *ping*07:43
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smurraytbr: I think CEC was fixed on Turbot, it is odd that it is not mentioned on that page14:10
tbrsmurray: it says on the max page that it was fixed on turbot. So I guess warthog9 or one of the ADI people just forgot to put it on the Turbot page?14:31
smurraytbr: seems likely14:31
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warthog9oversight on my part20:38
* warthog9 takes the lumps and goes to fix the pages20:45
warthog9smurray, tbr - updated20:53
smurraywarthog9: cool, thanks20:55
warthog9I do what I can :-)20:56
wmatwarthog9: see, MB needs a wiki manager ;)20:58
warthog9wmat: +121:00
warthog9I've written almost all the documentation on there, and my bias is clearly low level systems21:00
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