Monday, 2016-05-16

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inakihi all14:04
inakiafter fighting for some days to get source_debug_enable enabled firmware ( 0.78 ) I flash it with a programmer and the minnow max ( turbot ) doesn't boot; at least I can't see any video output nor can I connect via de serial port, no terminal and no intel UDK debugging connection...14:07
inakiany clue on this ?14:07
ALicinioinaki: hi14:08
inakiSPI vendor/id0/id1 are all ok14:08
inakihi ALicinio14:08
ALicinioinaki: both led are still or one is blinking ?14:08
inakino, both still with light14:08
inakimaybe the problem is it is waiting for debugger connection and my windows endpoint isn't working ? should it timeout and start ?14:09
inakiI am using 6 wire 3.3v ftdi device with all 6 wires connected to it, I got normal terminal access before with the regular firmware14:12
inakialso tried without connecting the hdmi output in case there's some issue with it, but no luck14:13
ALicinioinaki: what is your power psu ? more than 2A ?14:27
ALicinioinaki: i use the turbot board with a usb key over the usb3 connector, with ubuntu 14.0414:28
ALicinioinaki: it's enough !14:28
inakinot, aparently :D j/k14:29
ALicinioshutdown the card (button on it before the first led), when the second led if off, plug your hdmi, turn on the screen then turn on the board14:29
ALicinioinaki: yes it is i have a 3amp14:30
inakiI have two boards14:32
inakinone works14:32
ALicinioone psu for 2 boards ?14:32
inakinono, one each14:33
ALiciniodid you follow the wiki step by step ?14:33
inakiin which sense14:33
inakiI followed various guides14:33
inakiintel ones14:33
ALicinioinstall ubuntu, usb key, blabla14:33
inakifor compiling14:33
inakiusing win10 here, and it works with regular firmware14:34
inakiI red that, yes14:34
ALicinioInstalling FROM USB storage TO USB storage can be problematic; you may need to first run a "live image" on the MinnowBoard MAX and then install from the running live image14:34
ALicinioah ok14:34
inakiit should at least boot and I should be able to enter UEFI shell14:35
ALicinioinaki: you don't see any UEFI or BOOT message ?14:35
ALicinioinaki: black screen ?14:35
ALiciniodoes your hdmi cable works with other equipements ?14:36
ALicinioso put a ubuntu live image on a usb key, plug only that, hdmi and power it14:37
ALiciniothen press F2 to enter bios14:37
ALiciniochoose boot14:37
ALiciniothen USB14:37
ALicinioyou should see the brub menu14:38
ALiciniothen LIVE14:38
ALicinioi only know that, sorry it is not help you14:38
inakino problem, I appreciate it :)14:44
inakithank you14:44
ALicinioinaki : u're welcome14:44
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inaki0.91 is out, I'll try building it tomorrow since changelog says there are flash layout changes ( which was the problem with versiones above 0.78 )15:42
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tbrwhat would the flying spaghetti monster do?15:49
tbrerr, ewindow15:49
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