Wednesday, 2016-05-18

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freqwarthog9: so, i need to reset my bios from the efi shell. can you help?00:35
freqyou rock!00:35
warthog9full factory reset?00:35
freqyes please00:35
warthog9and you are at the shell?00:36
freqi am gonna reboot that now because i hit "exit" and it just gives me "_"00:36
freqok, i will be there in just 5 seconds00:36
freqthat doesn't do it anymore.00:37
freqi ticked a box somewhere in the bios and it doesnt work like it did.00:37
warthog9at the shell exit should dump you into the menu00:37
freqnot as it had in the past, no :/00:38
freqwhen i do "reset" it just reboots it00:38
warthog9I assume F2 or del during boot don't work either?00:38
freqnot anymore no00:39
warthog9what did you check?00:39
warthog9*goes to look up how to factory wipe that*00:39
freqi flat out forget.00:40
freqi was messing with it and then the turbot came in the mail. i forgot about the minnow for a while00:40
freqso, i have a few boot options though.00:40
freqfs0, blk0, blk100:40
freqthey are at the top of the prompt00:40
warthog9freq: is this v1 or turbot?00:42
warthog9or max?00:42
warthog9ohhhhh ancient v100:42
warthog9ohhhh max00:43
freqforgot about the big square00:43
freqbtw, arch on a turbot = pure speed00:45
freq4G swap and it's good to go00:45
freqi guess 1g would be fine, but hey00:47
freqCPU~Dual core Intel Atom E3826 (-MCP-) speed/max~559/1466 MHz Kernel~4.5.4-1-ARCH x86_64 Up~21:11 Mem~727.1/1906.8MB HDD~3064.6GB(16.7% used) Procs~133 Client~Irssi 0.8.19 inxi~2.3.000:47
warthog9well you've got the shell00:47
warthog9got a usb stick with a uefi partition on it?00:48
warthog9and/or willing to make one?00:48
freqhmm no. i have an arch installer00:48
freqyeah i'm willing. i just need to learn how00:48
warthog9it's a vfat partition with a different flag on it ;-)00:49
freqoh, that's simple00:49
warthog9I think fdisk knows the difference these days00:50
freqyeah, so i can make that up quick00:50
warthog9mbr type: ef00:51
* freq dismounts backup drive on turbot to get a free usb port :p00:51
warthog9also snag
warthog9which is the latest firmware00:52
warthog9going to try just reflashing the firmware to the latest version and see if we can't get you back into the menu system that way00:52
freqi've gotta clean up this drive. on sec00:53
warthog9freq: it's pretty straight forward, put the flash program.efi and the .bin on the partition you are making00:53
warthog9boot the max00:53
warthog9and then things like ls should work00:53
warthog9it's basically flash.efi <filename>00:53
warthog9and wait00:53
warthog9freq: bbiab, I'm getting told it's time to head home00:54
freqok thank you warthog900:54
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ds2warthog9: it was suggested i ask you - how incompatible (or compatible) is turbot compared to the max?01:24
freqds2: it's cross compatible01:25
ds2freq: what exactly does that mean? it is a drop in replacement with the few changes relating to I2S01:48
freqfrom my experience (i've had both), there is no difference. i know that warthog9 will be back soon. he just stepped out a minute01:49
freqturbot has a coin cel battery, pings for heartbeat, switch and 5v rail01:50
freqhas an upgraded soc01:51
ds2i have a loaner Max from someone else... want to make sure if I get the turbot, it should just drop in01:51
ds2is it upgraded to the whole broadwell (sp?) mess?01:52
freqwell, the lures work the same as well01:52
freqCPU~Dual core Intel Atom E382601:52
freqwhat does the turbot need to drop into? i don't think you would have issues functionally01:53
ds2unfortunately, I am not familiar with the intel naming scheme to make much sense from the Exxxx names01:53
ds2I want a 5V powered x86 board that I can use to play with the realsense stuff (so it is just hte USB3 that I need)01:53
freqit has onboard encryption01:53
freqds2: this has more than you'd need01:53
ds2if Linux boots and can talk to USB3, I am happy :D01:53
freqi've run debian and arch on it just fine01:54
freqyeah, i use 3.0 all the time01:54
freqit's my desktop :p01:54
ds2cases for the Max are directly compatible?01:54
ds2'k thanks. that's all I was trying to figure out01:54
freqyou'll be pleased! :D01:54
ds2it seems Minnows are the only easy to source, 5V powered boards01:54
ds2the NUC wants 18V... MB's want a ATX power supplies... :(01:55
freqthey have the market there01:55
freqi've looked high and low and this is where i landed. i wanted something beefier than arm and this filled the void easily01:55
ds2but once you throw in USB3, there are very few options01:56
freqi'm about to make my old minnow max into an ipfire router01:56
ds2ARM or not01:56
freqtrue. odroid burns out i've read01:56
freqthe fan on the odroid is noisy ootb01:57
ds2Odroid got eliminated just cuz I have to order it vs having a loaner minnow ready to go01:57
freqx86 is still the boss. it has it all01:58
freqi don't use it myself, but windows works well on these too01:58
ds2if windows is an option, a surface is easier to deal with01:59
ds2the main thing that irks me with the minnow is that whole UEFI crap02:01
bcranjust don't try building FreeBSD world on a MBMAX/Turbot - takes 24 hours :)02:01
bcrands2: what's annoying about it?02:01
ds2bcran: the serial console version doesn't work for setup. had to get a microHDMI cable to configure stuff02:02
bcrands2: hmm, that doesn't sound right - I'm fairly sure I had it working02:02
ds2a nice simple LILO in flash would be nice02:02
bcranLILO - as in the bootloader?02:02
ds2bcran: the menus didn't work for my 80x24 screen02:02
ds2I want a pure serial console. no menus, nothing.02:03
bcrands2: LILO is a bootloader - it still needs a BIOS/UEFI to initialize the hardware02:03
ds2bcran: yes. I was also hoping to integrate the basic init stuff into LILO (kinda like the LinBios project)02:03
bcrands2: I'm sure you could do that, since the board is open. You can replace UEFI with CoreBoot etc.02:04
freqsome peopel don't like systemd. i personally love systemd-boot02:04
ds2one day... rightnow I just want a portable setup to play with the realsense stuff02:05
ds2having to plug in a display is just a thorn... minor one but still a thorn02:06
bcranbtw I have UEFI running on my HiKey (credit card sized octa-core ARM board) with serial console, so you probably shouldn't blame UEFI necessaroly02:08
* jnavarro grabs a glass of water, and continues to do routing for the Relay Lure 2.002:08
ds2*shrug* I am happy with U-boot :D02:09
ds2to be fair I haven't looked into it02:09
bcranfair enough :)02:09
bcranit's a nice, large target anyway02:09
ds2my first encounter with the minnow was being told to get I2S working on it02:09
ds2having to jump through hoops with UEFI was irritanting02:10
freqburning ring of fire02:20
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freqany reports of sound issues on the turbot?17:37
warthog9freq: none that I've heard, I assume you are using a usb soundcard?17:37
freqhdmi only17:40
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freqworks right after reboot and then goes to sleep17:40
warthog9haven't seen that17:44
freqit's on arch17:44
warthog9latest firmware?17:44
freqi try to kill and restart pulse also17:45
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warthog9freq: max or Turbot?17:47
warthog9(and how did the flashing work on the MAX btw?)17:47
freqdidnt get to it17:47
freqim on the phone currently at work17:48
warthog9freq: so the turbot runs, goes to S3, when it wakes hdmi video resumes but audio is non-existant?17:49
freqah yes that's true17:51
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freqthe monitor was off17:51
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freqi wonder if that's a bios setting warthog917:59
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warthog9well S3 isn't a firmware setting18:05
freq### Automatically suspend sinks/sources that become idle for too long18:10
freqload-module module-suspend-on-idle18:10
freqgonna comment that out18:10
freqgotta rebloat brb18:13
warthog9not sure what what that does18:16
freqit seems to work though18:22
freqi turned off my monitor and back on with music playing and it still plays18:22
freqso i will just go through the normal paces of the day without playing music and letting the monitor turn itself off18:23
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freqstill working warthog9!19:29
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freqwhat's your real speed21:06
warthog9saw that21:11
warthog9at home, on my wifi, I was getting between 20 and 30mbps21:11
freq Compare on21:12
warthog9glanced at it this morning21:12
warthog9I used to read slashdot a LOT more21:12
freq:p i've been using speedtest-cli and it's giving me about 15 mb/s21:12
freqi read it a lot here at work to pass time21:12
warthog9freq: if I use the cli on one of the hard wired boxes I get a far better speed21:13
freqi should configure ethernet on this today. i've been on wifi since the install21:13
warthog9freq: case in point (across my vpn): Download: 135.58 Mbit/s | Upload: 100.60 Mbit/s21:14
freqwarthog9: the world wants an opensource 5V router21:14
freqwow that's damn nice21:14
warthog9yeah, symetric 150 business line with Frontier FIOS here21:15
freqie. a turbot with 4 lan ports21:15
freqi just have dirt level cable21:15
warthog9freq: onboard + a dual mpcie + 1 on usb321:15
freqyeah hehe21:15
warthog9there's things in the works21:16
freqi was gonna do that with ipfire just as soon as i get to the bios21:16
warthog9we shall see what we can do about that21:16
warthog9freq: it wouldn't surprise me that the netflix numbers more accurately reflect the bottleneck at various peering points vs. anything21:17
warthog9kudos to Netflix for pushing on that21:19
freqi know. netflex can make a broccoli sprout stream wifi over an AM radio connection21:24
freqstream video21:24
freqit's an amazing system21:24
warthog9hehe yeah21:24
warthog9their CDN is very well done21:25
freqvery much so21:25
warthog9new version of EagleCad21:26
freqgonna make more plastic slingshots?21:27
warthog9the hardware guys are actually letting me design things ;-)21:27
warthog9so you know it's dangerous21:28
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freqso we can pour our dumbfounded ideas into this chat?21:28
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warthog9you can21:30
warthog9I don't claim my ideas are better than blinky lights though ;-)21:30
freqcan you print out just one more USB port21:31
warthog9I'll put it down on the look at list21:31
freqi don't know where it would fit. maybe one top of the others?21:32
warthog9z-height there would be the problem21:32
freqor horizontal next to something21:32
warthog9more likely21:32
freqwhere am i anyway21:32
warthog9freq: probably on earth21:32
freqjust clocked out of work. customer service is the downs21:32
freqyeah that little quickfix works too for sound21:37
freqallll day21:37
freqi'm out ^21:39
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cbrakeon a MBT here, I'm scoping i2c on LSE, and it looks like a 1.8V waveform21:56
cbrakehowever, there appears to be a 3.3 level shifter in schematic21:56
cbrake(I don't have anything hooked up yet, just doing i2cdetect)21:57
cbrakeso maybe it just reflects levels on 1.8 side ....21:57
cbrakeyeah, pullups are to 1.8 on the other side -- mystery solved21:58
* cbrake goes to look for A/D board ...21:59
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