Wednesday, 2016-06-08

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wmatjberkus: very cool13:08
jberkuswmat: if I get 3 more SSDs, i could run it as a "real" cluster, at least for home use13:08
wmatjberkus: second gen could use the quad core turbots13:11
jberkuswmat: I thought Intel was cutting production of Atom processors.  You're not going to have trouble getting them?13:12
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wmatjberkus: no, minnowboards/turbots use the industrial version of the chip, which is safe from cuts13:12
jberkuswmat: because these make for a killer demo13:13
jberkusunplugging a board is a much better showoff than killing an AWS node13:13
wmatjberkus: no doubt. I remember a cluster of Beagleboards at ELC back in 2013 which made quite an impression13:13
jberkuswill the lures from the current turbots work with the new ones?13:14
wmati'd expect so13:14
wmatthe newer turbot will have a dual gigabit option as well13:14
jberkuswmat: damn.  how much will those cost?13:15
wmatjberkus: not sure exactly, but i wouldn't expect anymore than the current turbots13:15
wmatjberkus: so do you work on Project Atomic?13:16
jberkusthere will be video later13:17
jberkuswmat: we need more case makers for minnowboards.  or at least 3d-printing templates13:18
jberkusthe case from Netgate won't permit a lure13:18
wmatjberkus: yeah, more options would be nice. And cheap options. There have been some nice cases but they're quite expensive.13:19
jberkuswmat: I think 3D printing patterns is where it's at13:20
jberkusI'd like to design a "rack" for them where they slide in and out13:20
wmatwarthog9: get on that please ^^13:20
jberkusbut who has time?  that's like a whole weekend with CAd13:21
wmatjberkus: yeah, 3D templates would be nice13:21
* wmat needs a 3D printer13:21
jberkuswmat: on a more achievable bit, is there somewhere someone could publish that the turbots need 3mm standoffs?13:21
jberkusI bought both 2mm and 3mm because it wasnt' clear13:22
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wmatjberkus: the minnowboard wiki would be a useful place13:22
jberkusyah, I wasn't clear on which page would be right.13:23
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givemefivedoes the minnowboard max have any ability to encode x264 in hardware?14:04
jberkusI don't know, but I'd be surprised if it does by itself.  however, it is a maker board ....14:07
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wmatjberkus: you may wish to amend this sentence "Order your soon; Intel is reducing Atom production and Turbots will become scarce in the future" as it's slightly misleading.15:35
jberkusoh, yes15:39
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warthog9jberkus: your cluster is making all the rounds internally ;-)17:22
jberkuswarthog9: :-)17:23
jberkuswarthog9: it would have been better to use a network maker board for the routing, but I only have so much time17:23
prpplaguejberkus: i have a nice power supply for that17:26
prpplaguejberkus: so you don't have to use four of them17:27
jberkusthat would be so much nicer17:30
jberkusI need the 4A, though ... I've got one SSD, and am planning to add lures to the others17:30
prpplaguejberkus: hehe yea the one i have is like 65A17:31
jberkusprpplague: pic?17:31
prpplaguejberkus: warthog9 has one too, but i am not sure what the Amperage is on it17:31
jberkuswell, I only need 16A total.  that's like a laptop power supply17:31
jberkushow big is that?17:36
prpplaguejberkus: hehe17:43
prpplaguejberkus: that one is about the size of an average brick17:44
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wmatjberkus: if you built a tower for your cluster, you could integrate prpplague's power supply into the top of it nicely20:05
wmatprpplague: do you remember that cluster at ELC a few years back?20:06
jberkuswmat: yeah, just not sure what to build it out of20:06
prpplaguewmat: you saw dvhart's build?20:06
prpplaguejberkus: you seen that build?20:06
jberkuslike I said, I was thinking of 3D printing, but that's a whole nother project20:06
wmatjberkus: that one from ELC was made out of 1/4" plastic if I recall20:06
jberkusprpplague: probably not, if it solves this20:07
wmatprpplague: i'm not sure I have20:07
* wmat check G+20:07
jberkuswmat: although I was thinking of whipping something together in wood20:07
jberkuswhich I can do a lot faster20:07
jberkusoh, right, I saw that20:08
jberkusthat's a bit more than I want20:08
wmatjberkus: yes, i did see that one20:08
wmatprpplague: yes, i did see that one20:08
wmatthat's a beauty20:08
prpplaguejberkus: yea you can get a smaller 20A power brick20:08
prpplaguejberkus: would be easier to intergrate20:09
wmatthen there's this:
prpplaguewmat: that one with omap on it is still the best one20:11
prpplaguewmat: that is the best one i've seen20:12
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wmatprpplague: that's the one!20:14
jberkusall way too big.  part of the reason I'm using minnowboards is to have something which fits in my carryon20:20
prpplaguejberkus: yea wmat and i were just oggling the cool designs20:20
prpplaguejberkus: maybe a small pelican case?20:20
wmatdamn, i swear my desk is eating my power supplies :/20:21
jberkusprpplague: I'll just make something out of craft plywood for now, and eventually create a 3D print design20:22
jberkusor maybe ceramic, although figuring out the shrinkage could be painful20:23
prpplaguejberkus: dandy20:24
prpplaguejberkus: let warthog9 and i know if you need any parts and such20:25
jberkusprpplague: I'm seeing warthog9 on Tuesday21:40
prpplaguejberkus: let me offer my condolenses early....21:41
* prpplague trolls warthog9 21:41
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kvuserIs there hopes of adding a CSI (Camera Serial Interface) to the Turbot?22:27
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