Saturday, 2016-06-11

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YukenCan't open anything in a browser right now, so can't check myself - does the Minnowboard have an x8 or x16 PCI-E slot (even if just electrically 1x or 4x)?20:49
tbrand it only exposes x1 IIRC21:18
tbrif you don't want to design your own expansion board for the HSE connector, you can get a silverjaw lure. which then has mpcie. if you prefer PCIe, you can then use one of those adapters with a ribbon cable21:19
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m_wgreetings minnows23:27
prpplaguem_w: hey there23:27
m_wso what the next lure coming out?23:34
prpplaguem_w: we have a MB-2-RPI adapter and a grove lure soon to be released23:35
m_wprpplague: excellent more ecosystem jacking23:36
m_wmy FPGA lure might happen soon23:41
m_wI have been pulling teeth to get feedback on the Robomezzi23:42
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