Tuesday, 2016-06-14

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programmerqso I've had my minnowmax for some time now. I've got a power supply that just barely meets the requirements to run the board and the one laptop drive it has. it used to stay up for months at a time. now I'll realize it is down and have to go fiddle with it a bunch to get it to boot.15:24
programmerqusually I have to unplug the board and plug it back in before it will boot properly.15:25
programmerqoh, I've got some bits on a breadboard hooked up to the serial port in the gpio pins. it's a little LED and tiny serial modem.15:25
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tbrprogrammerq: is that just random blabbering or are you trying to ask a question?17:09
programmerqtbr: random blabbering I guess17:12
programmerqI probably just need to get a bigger power supply. weird that it worked for so long without this weird random shutdown issue17:12
prpplagueprogrammerq: of course power supplies that are over taxed have reduced life span17:22
tbrmaybe you managed to deteriorate your PSU due to driving it at its design limit17:22
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programmerqyeah, it's not exactly a new PSU either. pulled from an old 10/100 rackmount switch.17:42
programmerqk, I've decided it's time to swap it out. :)17:43
ka6soxis there a document about Power Needs for various configurations including the SilverJaw lure?17:57
prpplagueka6sox: only for the basic configuration17:59
prpplagueka6sox: it's on the wiki17:59
prpplagueka6sox: generally recommend at least 2.4A powersupply for optimal usage17:59
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georgemThis is slightly off topic, but if anyone in here has seen azalia verb table data passed to BayTrail FSP sucessfully change pin complex defaults, please let me know. Want to make sure I'm not on a wild goose chase :)18:30
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ded-hi guys!23:03
ded-quick question if somebody's around to answer23:03
ded-I noticed that 2 PCIe lanes on the minnowboard are not used23:04
* jberkus orders a bunch more msata drives23:04
ded-is there a particular reason or can I just go there and solder stuff on a few vias and get 2 more lanes working?23:05
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ded-5300 pages of datasheet for the E3800 family... and I thought that Xilinx datasheet were the long winded ones... ;P23:21
ded-i'll be back later, cheers23:29
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