Friday, 2016-06-24

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jnavarroLED Lure -->
* jnavarro hides04:17
prpplaguejnavarro: hehehe04:37
jnavarroprpplague: is the last one I promise.04:39
* jnavarro switches from joker mode to serious mode. 04:39
* jnavarro goes back to work on real MinnowBoard Lures04:46
m_wjnavarro: using Eagle or Kicad or other?04:52
jnavarrom_w: Hi, I´m using DipTrace04:52
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m_wI am working on a Kicad template now04:53
m_wwhat kind of lure you making?04:54
jnavarrom_w: Awesome! that would be really helpful04:54
jnavarrom_w: working on 2 at the moment, a SIM808 based Lure and a LoRA based Lure.04:56
* jnavarro relaxes by designing Lures and hearing music. 04:57
jnavarrom_w: Yeah, LoRA sounds so magical that I need to build something to try it out.05:00
m_wjnavarro: once I finish the template, I am going to make an ice40 FPGA lure.05:01
jnavarrom_w: That template you are talking about could really help me to really learn KiCAD!05:01
* jnavarro googles ice4005:01
jnavarrom_w: Oh Cool!!!05:02
m_wjnavarro: it is an FPGA that has a open source toolchain called icestorm05:02
jnavarrom_w: Awesome!!05:04
jnavarrom_w: will you release that somewhere?05:08
m_wjnavarro: github05:08
* jnavarro clicks and follows05:09
m_wthe template should be ready soon05:10
jnavarroAwesome! I´ll keep an eye05:11
m_wprobably post it to my github then try to put in a merge request for the main kicad library repository05:13
jnavarrom_w: Cool! that of course will make it easier for MinnowBoarders wanting to start on KiCAD (myself included)05:16
prpplaguehey you too, get a room05:21
prpplaguejnavarro: been working with m_w this evening to make sure we have the dimensions right for his library05:22
prpplaguem_w: jnavarro is an intel borg drone05:22
prpplaguei think his designation is 3 of 1205:22
m_wthe relay lure guy right?05:22
m_wso I might make a robot lure too05:23
* jnavarro ponders "The relay lure" for a youtube channel. 05:23
jnavarroThe relay lure guy05:23
prpplaguejnavarro: oh you need to have to do some sort of clicking drum music05:23
m_w96boards has been giving me the run around05:23
prpplaguesay it isn't so!05:23
jnavarroprpplague: That is awesome, I will try to learn KiCAD someday and having libraries available will make it easier.05:24
jnavarroprpplague: clicking drum music sounds good, I play guitar so I can combine both.05:25
prpplaguejnavarro: exactly why we are creating a community around minnow05:25
prpplaguejnavarro: you could always just connect up some electrodes to some cats05:25
prpplaguelisten to me cat inspired covers of nickelback songs: MEOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW05:26
* jnavarro is not a fan of nickelback 05:27
prpplaguejnavarro: yes but cats with electrodes would do well with nickelback or michael bolton05:27
* jnavarro prepares to go to sleep05:31
jnavarroI have the bad habit of sleeping, and eating 3 times a day, bah.05:31
jnavarroprpplague: m_w It has been a wonderful night chat, but I´m going to sleep now, have a good night!05:34
prpplaguejnavarro: laters05:34
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jberkuswarthog9: it seems like whenever I plug/unplug USB, the minnowboard reboots.19:36
m_wjberkus: sounds like a power issue19:38
jberkushmmm ... yeah, it could be19:38
m_wjberkus: what power supply you using?19:38
jberkusgeneric 8A for the 4 boards19:39
m_wso 2As per board?19:39
jberkusbut now that you mention it, I started havign these issues after I installed more silverjaws19:39
m_wtry unplugging one unit at a time and see if the reboot still happens still19:40
m_w"Note:  We recommend using a +5VDC@3A power supply when using the Silverjaw Lure with the MinnowBoard Max."19:41
m_wyou need a 12A supply19:42
jberkusyeah, that's why I'm bugging warthog9, he thought the 8A supply would be adequate ;-)19:43
ka6soxjberkus, I'm using a 8A for my Minnow/Silverjaw(with mSATA and WiFi) + FPGA setup19:49
jberkuska6sox: I have 4 of them19:49
ka6soxjberkus, ya, any FPGA or just the SJ + bits?19:50
jberkusno, just sj+board19:50
ka6soxI'd want to see closer to 4A to be safe…mine is more because of FPGA19:50
jberkusthe other issue I appear to be having is that writes aren't getting flused to the SSDs; I'm definitely getting some file corruption19:51
jberkuska6sox: yah, the 8A is what warthog9 had on hand.  I'll put one of the boards on its own power supply, which should help19:51
ka6sox8A for 4 is marginal19:51
ka6soxeven for 3 it might be too.19:52
ka6soxmost of today's Chinese PS don't really deliver full output to full load19:52
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