Saturday, 2016-06-25

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m_where is the initial commit of the minnowboard lowspeed lure template for Kicad:00:26
m_wplease test it if you are interested00:26
prpplaguem_w: awesome!00:27
jberkusno idea where I cna get a 12A power supply00:28
jberkusI'll try Computer Central, since I'm in SF next week00:29
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prpplaguejberkus: digikey00:37
jberkusis that a vendor?00:38
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jberkusso it is00:41
k4jhIf you will be in SF next week, Jameco is sorta-kinda in the neighborhood (they're in Belmont, a little south of SFO, off of US101)00:44
calculusJameco also prefers to have your order ready when you come in01:27
k4jhYeah, ordering ahead for will call is best with them.01:28
calculusI should remember to look at them for stuff.  the last couple weekends I went to halted and anchor electronics01:33
jberkusk4jh: I won't have a car01:42
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k4jhYeah, no easy way to get to Jameco by way of public transport.02:14
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prpplagueho ho ho19:15
prpplaguemerry saturday!19:15
m_wlooks like this one would need a bigger bottom side keepout on the lures19:33
prpplaguem_w: should be the same19:36
prpplagueoh right19:36
prpplagueyes for the extra ethernet19:36
m_wbut there are 2 ethernet jacks19:36
m_wstandards are made to be broken19:38
prpplaguem_w: well for specification, we didn't specify any keep out areas, so really they didn't break any rules... an oversite19:39
prpplaguem_w: we just specified the size, holes and connector19:39
m_wwhat is the recommended standoff height?19:40
m_w.6" like PC104?19:41
prpplaguem_w: i did the height of the connect so that standard 5/8" standoffs would work19:43
prpplague(that's called engineering) hehe19:43
m_wdoes minnow support using GPIO for SPI chip selects?20:22
prpplaguem_w: not from a hardware controller perspective20:54
prpplaguem_w: but the stock spi driver has an option to support GPIOs for selects20:54
prpplaguem_w: it does seem to impact performance some20:54
m_wprpplague: one chip select is pretty sucky20:55
m_wone does not just enable a SPI device using platform data20:58
m_wI am ACPI challenged20:58
prpplaguem_w: yea21:00
prpplaguem_w: basically you have to use a platform device21:00
m_wnot sure I like the out of tree hack for spidev21:00
prpplaguem_w: there is an example of generating a module in the calamari21:00
prpplaguem_w: yea21:00
prpplaguem_w: unfortunately, until support for SSDT's is fully supported in mainline, platform drivers are the only alternative to doing custom firmware21:01
m_wisn't that a windows thing?21:05
prpplaguem_w: SSDT is a Secondary System Description Table21:05
prpplaguem_w: it's an acpi thing21:06
* m_w is getting brain damage from reading about ACPI21:09
prpplaguem_w: it is more like a stoke, if you treat in time, you probably will recover21:09
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