Tuesday, 2016-07-12

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zentrumsomeone familiar with the realtek nic being used for the minnowboard?08:10
zentrumin minix, we already have an 8169 driver and I read, the 8111 is more or less a 8169 using another connector internally (pcie instead of pci?)08:12
zentrumis it right?08:12
zentrumhttps://github.com/Stichting-MINIX-Research-Foundation/minix/blob/master/minix/drivers/net/rtl8169/rtl8169.c#L695 does the hardware reset for multiple different types of realtek08:14
zentrummaybe someone knows, which card is the same as the 8111GS-CG?08:14
tbrcompare the linux drivers?08:29
zentrumfor linux theres a 8168 and a 816908:43
zentrumafaik, the 8168 is the one provided by realtek and the 8169 is the community driver?08:43
zentrumi assume the NIC being used by the minnowboard is: http://lxr.free-electrons.com/source/drivers/net/ethernet/realtek/r8169.c#L28208:45
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kushalNot sure why but the sd card in the onboard-slot is working super slow :(14:36
kushalRunning Fedora 24 here14:36
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warthog9kushal: define "super slow"17:04
kushalwarthog9, Ah, never thought of seeing you so fast :)17:04
kushalwarthog9, Congratulations once again :)17:04
warthog9kushal: thanks17:04
warthog9I'm still on vacation but vaguely paying attention to the world again17:04
kushalwarthog9, I am trying to update the box, any thing which is touching / is going slow, I will be able to do test only after it finishes17:06
warthog9couple thoughts: (1) your SD card is slow (2) you haven't done anything silly like enable DDR40 right?17:07
kushal1. class 10 sdhc from kingston17:09
kushal2. I have no clue what is that, so will try to find if it is enabled on default Fedora17:09
warthog9kushal: it's a bios option, so you are likely fine17:12
warthog9what FS are you using?17:12
kushalwarthog9, ext417:13
warthog9kushal: do you have noatime,nodiratime set on the FS?17:13
warthog9kushal: if not `mount -o remount,nodiratime,noatime /`17:15
warthog9see if that speeds it up any17:15
kushalwarthog9, i will be able to answer that in few minutes, trying to get back to terminal17:15
kushalwarthog9, nope, it is not17:36
kushalso I will try to do that now17:36
kushalwarthog9, nah, dnf is still crying while trying to install a 6MB package (vim-common), it is taking almost 30 seconds.18:07
warthog9got top?18:07
tbrkingston is known to be hit and miss, mostly miss18:07
tbrhorrible random i/o18:08
kushalwarthog9, rebooting the box, and trying again.18:10
kushalwill get the latest Fedora kernel etc18:10
kushaldnf is mostly staying at  "disk sleep (uninterruptible)" state18:15
kushalaccording to htop18:16
kushaltbr, any other brand as suggestion?18:17
kushalI am also using kingston first time.18:17
kushalwarthog9, do you know any other known issues with Fedora ?18:21
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