Wednesday, 2016-07-13

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kushalwarthog9, Good morning15:00
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warthog9I'm awake I swear21:24
m_wdid you guys figure out that ethernet issue with the max yet?21:26
bluelightningwarthog9: not sure if you already know but the RSS feed on the main wiki page seems to be broken21:26
warthog9bluelightning: thanks21:30
warthog9I've been a bit pre-occupied this last week or so21:30
bluelightningok, no probs, just thought I'd let you know21:31
warthog9I'm poking it21:31
warthog9bluelightning: it should settle in a minute21:37
warthog9the server move caused the API key's restricted IP to change21:37
bluelightningcool, thx21:37
warthog9hilarity ensued ;-)21:37
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