Thursday, 2016-08-04

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ringoI need to print a case for the minnowboard ... I have a form 102:46
smurrayringo: there are some designs linked from:
smurrayringo: if you have the original minnowboard and not a max, I'd guess you might be on your own02:50
ringoI have the turbot02:51
ringoI think it is compatible with the max02:51
smurrayringo: yeah, I'm pretty sure they're the same physical dimensions02:52
ringoThe tackle box one is a good design as I have the lure attachment. But I also want to add a 5" HDMI touchscreen LCD by adafruit02:53
ringoI have it all working nicely and need to make a prototype case02:53
ringoI am using the minipcie c353 from avermedia to capture and create h264 video02:54
ringoand I can decode and play the video at the same time using vaapi with only 20% cpu02:54
ringois there a place where I can "hire" someone to design the case so I can print it using either my from 1 or my makerbot?02:55
smurraysorry, no idea on that front02:55
ringoI am only good at printing designs I download. I would not even know where to start for modifications to existing ones02:55
ringoI was even able to power the LCD directly from the board ... I was worried it would not have enough power or it would destabilize it02:56
ringobut it powers it from the usb and it detects the touchscreen as a mouse on xorg02:57
smurraythat screen looks nice, looking at it on adafruit03:03
ringoat $75 with capacitive touchscreen you cannot go wrong03:04
ringoonly issue I have with the minnow is that the heat sink is not large enough and the cpu can get too hot03:07
ringoa fan is needed when you push it03:07
ringoat least for the turbot, not sure if the max is the same03:07
smurrayyeah, it can get toasty under load03:17
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